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eirini              irini              antigoni              angeliki              ioanna              galani              papadopoulou              eleni              aikaterini              evangelia              vasiliki              panagiota              natassa              afroditi              natasa              anthi              areti              fotini              aggeliki              stamatis              konstantina              voula              evanthia              stikoudi              thodoris              eleftheria              athanasia              athina              tzeni              karagianni              konstantaras              theodoridou              despina              dionysis              solomou              christodoulidou              nikoleta              lambrou              lefteris              papamichail              giota              anthoula              nikoletta              evdokia              fotis              christoforou              vaggelis              mihalis              georgakopoulou              argiris             

Examples of "dimitra"
Dimitra Arliss (October 23, 1932 – January 26, 2012), sometimes credited as Dimitra Arlys, was an American actress.
Dimitra Karamberopoulou (Accordion, Piano, Keyboards)
2 Dimitra Chaloulou, The Literary Journal “Planodion”.
2011 Athens (with ISN), organiser Dimitra Mangoura
Dimitra Tserkezou (1920 – 2007) was a famous Greek sculptress.
Dimitra () is a village of the Deskati municipality. Before the 2011 local government reform it was part of the municipality of Chasia. The 2011 census recorded 357 inhabitants in the village. Dimitra is a part of the community of Karpero.
There was a staging in Palermo in 2001 with Dimitra Theodossiou, Roberto Servile, and Carlo Ventre.
Dimitra Kafalidou (born ) was a Greek group rhythmic gymnast. She represented her nation at international competitions.
Dimitra Papadopoulou, (Greek: Δήμητρα Παπαδοπούλου) was born in 1962 is a Greek actress, writer and director.
In 1983, Greek singer Dimitra Galani covered it on her LP "Endless Road".
Dimitra Liani (; born 30 April 1955) is the third wife of former Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou.
Anastasios Dalipis was married to Dimitra N. Kyrtsou, and had three children, one boy and twin girls.
The town is the home of the Athletic Club A.E Dimitra Efxeinoupolis, who is participating in A' EPSTH.
During judging, most of the girls impress with their performance, but Nayla's lack of confidence and Dimitra's unprofessional behavior concerned the judges. After an argument between Vicky and Dimitra, Nayla was sent home. The elimination got the girls so upset that Dimitra left the judging room angrily.
Σ'αγαπω Μ'αγαπας ("S'agapo M'agapas" ("I love you, You love me")) began broadcasting in Greece in 1999. Its format is weekly, 26-minute episodes, much like the original. Thodoris Atheridis plays Thodoris, the guy, and Dimitra Papadopoulou plays Dimitra, the girl, replicating the original version's concept of using the actors' first names for the characters.
During judging, Vicky announced they would be travelling to London. Maria & Monika impressed with their overall performance, while the rest of the girls disappointed the judges for different reasons. In the end, Dimitra and Ioanna landed in bottom two. Dimitra was eliminated after her fourth bottom two appearance.
The show is about the lives of four friends, the eponymous "Aparadektoi": Spyros ("Spyros Papadopoulos"), Dimitra ("Dimitra Papadopoulou", who is also the script writer), Yannis ("Yannis Bezos") and Vlassis ("Vlassis Bonatsos"). Spyros and Dimitra have been married for five years, while Yannis and Vlassis are roommates and best friends, despite the fact that the former is a homosexual and the latter a shameless womanizer. All four live on the same floor of an apartment building in Lycabettus, Athens, Greece, in two apartments that share the same terrace. The cast is rounded out by Renia ("Renia Louizidou"), Vlassis' girlfriend, and Mr. Vassilis ("Vassilis Halakatevakis"), the landlord.
Dimitra Asilian (born July 10, 1972) is a female Greek water polo player and Olympic silver medalist with the Greek national team.
She has toured and collaborated with many established artists such as: Marinella, D. Mitropanos, Tolis Voskopoulos, Paschalis Terzis, C. Nikolopoulos, Dimitra Galani.
Dimitra Magkandaki (born 26 March 1979) is a Greek fencer. She competed in the women's individual and team épée events at the 2004 Summer Olympics.