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kalaniemi              farantouri              arvaniti              afroditi              ilieva              lvovna              vembo              asimakopoulou              giota              gulbe              kotamanidou              burmaka              bekatorou              vanou              nikolaidou              yevgenyevna              selinliisa              moraiti              zdravkova              evstatieva              karlovna              anthoula              leontina              ralitsa              aleksieva              avramidou              alekseevna              magdalina              grigorievna              blagne              raimonda              moraitidou              ismailova              desylla              konstantina              vaduva              stikoudi              koleva              bakodimou              marjana              ioanna              mazina              panagiota              zlatina              konopnicka              konicki              petrana              krassimira              stavroula              atanasova             

Examples of "dimitriadi"
On 6 January 2009, Maria Dimitriadi died at the age of 58 in the Evangelismos General Hospital in Athens from a rare lung disease.
In 1940-es he studied conducting at Tbilisi and Moscow Conservatories where his tutors were Odysseas Dimitriadi, Grigori Stoliarov and Aleksandr Gauk.
Mikroutsikos has been married three times, with Maria Dimitriadi, trainer Foteini Georganta and TV presenter Dimitra Roubessi. He also had a long-term relationship with singer Sophia Vossou. Mikroutsikos has a son, Stergios, from his first marriage with Maria Dimitriadi. He is the brother of Thanos Mikroutsikos. Mikroutsikos, the son of a mathematician, has a degree in mathematics himself. As a youngster, he was a member of the Revolutionary Communist Movement of Greece.
Maria Dimitriadi was born in 1950 in the Athenian municipality of Tavros, where later she became a member of the municipal council. She was the older sister of the acclaimed Greek singer Aphrodite Manou.
During the Greek Civil War (1946–1949), Greek partisans who had also fought against the German invasion in 1941, wrote their version of "Katyusha" named "The hymne of EAM" ("Ο ύμνος του ΕΑΜ"). This adaptation was recorded much later by Thanos Mikroutsikos and sung by Maria Dimitriadi.
Maria Dimitriadi () (1950 – January 6, 2009), was a Greek singer. She was considered a "total voice" and one of the most renowned performers of the songs of Mikis Theodorakis and Thanos Mikroutsikos. Dimitiradi primarily connected with political left-wing songs during the Junta and Metapolitefsi era in Greece, but she also experimented with other styles and genres, of a more lyrical tone.
His albums "Kantata gia ti Makroniso" ('Cantata for Makronisos'), "Fouente Ovehouna" ('Fuenteovejuna'), "Troparia gia Foniades" ('Hymns for Murderers') and "Mousiki Praxi Ston Brecht" ('Musical Practice on Brecht') are characteristic of the climate of Metapolitefsi or Regime Change that was taking place in the period 1975-78. In particular, the 'Cantata for Makronisos', a pioneering piece in which Mikroutsikos experimented with atonality was extremely well received in international music festivals and an interpretation of particular note was recorded by Maria Dimitriadi.
He has worked with many renowned singers such as Maria Dimitriadi, Haris Alexiou, Manolis Mitsias, Dimitris Mitropanos, Vasilis Papakonstantinou, Christos Thibaios and Giannis Koutras, amongst others. His music has been particularly well received and recognised in Western Europe. During his compositional career, he has managed to liberate the form of Greek song, adding together elements from the modernist and classical western tradition. He also experimented with the combination of tonal and atonal sounds and with morphological variation.
Stanislav Igolinsky gave concerts almost in 200 cities of CIS, and also in Belgium, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Spain, and Taiwan. He acted with such well-known conductors as Svetlanov, Gergiyev, Kitayenko, Katz, Dmitriyev, Janson, Domarkas, Sondetskis, Sinaisky, Dimitriadi, Kersies, Hofman, Oberfrank, Segestriom, Stryia, Bentsi, Zanderling, Beloglavek. In repertoire of him are the works of Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven (almost all sonatas), Schubert, Schuman,
Mircea Constantin Demetriade (also rendered as Demetriad, Dimitriade, Dimitriadi, or Demitriadi; September 2, 1861 – September 11, 1914) was a Romanian poet, playwright and actor, one of the earliest animators of the local Symbolist movement. Born in Oltenia to a theatrical family, he largely gave up on a similar career to become a bohemian writer. He associated with, and was inspired by, Alexandru Macedonski, building on early romantic influences at "Literatorul" magazine. Later, he incorporated borrowings from Charles Baudelaire and Arthur Rimbaud, two of the authors Demetriade would translate into Romanian.
In the early 1970s, during the military dictatorship in Greece, she was in Europe and toured with Theodorakis for four years. She continued to work with him until the early 1990s. In 1974, Dimitriadi returned to Greece and, in the following years, she started working almost exclusively with Mikroutsikos. In these years she became a member of the Revolutionary Communist Movement of Greece (EKKE) and she was elected counsellor to serve on the Municipal Council of Tavros, a suburb in the south-western part of Athens in Greece.