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Examples of "dinghys"
Gresford Sailing Club based here, training and racing in small dinghys.
This is a list of sail markings found on both dinghys and larger boats.
The River Amper is neither navigable to leisure craft nor to goods traffic. Smaller watercraft such as dinghys and kayaks are however frequently underway in the summer months.
For some modern types of dinghys in sailing sports hand bailers can be obsolete when they are equipped with "self bailers", sometimes also called "automatic bailers".
Formerly owned by ICI, Irvine Harbour is now the property of NPL Estates who also own the Big Idea site, the Bridge of Scottish Invention, locally known as the 'Sliding bridge', and other land on the Ardeer peninsular. Irvine Harbour is now officially closed as a commercial port, however NPL provides a slipway for dinghys, as well as moorings and berths for pleasure craft.
Operation Harness was a series of secret biological warfare trials carried out by the government of the United Kingdom in the Caribbean in the 1940s. Animals were exposed to anthrax and brucella bacteria on dinghys offshore but the results were found meaningless.
Depending on the event, BYC watercraft include Brigantine Canoes Catamarans Cruisers Dinghys Dragon (keelboat) Fishing boat Frigate Jam Keelboats Lobster fishing Fishing trawler raceboards Sailboats Sailboard sailing Sloop Shark (keelboat) War Canoes, and/or Yacht. In addition, there are displays of Radio-controlled boats.
The original JY-15 was made out of ACP (Advanced Composite Process) rather than the usual fiberglass or wood materials used for most dinghys. ACP is a laminate consisting of a foam core, an inner fiberglass skin, and a 1/8" outer plastic skin.
Glenans Irish Sailing Club offered courses in cruisers, catamarans, dinghys and windsurfing. The sailing bases were in Lawrence Cove on Bere Island County Cork, Collanmore Island in Clew Bay, and the club's original base (founded in 1969) at a converted railway station in Baltimore, County Cork.
4 Demonstration Sports are introduced along with the 10 main sports in the games. Among the various sports introduced was sailing, using the disability-friendly Access 2.3 Dinghys. This sport is open to those with mobility disabilities, amputees, visual disabilities and those with cerebral palsy as detailed by the International Association For Disabled Sailing rules. The sailing demo introduced the ease of dinghy sailing to disabled guests, as coached by disabled sailors from Malaysia, Singapore and host country Philippines. The subsequent 4-part triangle course race between said representatives from the 3 countries, was also held near Baywalk, Roxas Boulevard and the Manila Yacht Club. After the games, two Access 2.3 dinghys were donated by Sailability Singapore to the Philippine Sailing Association to encourage people with any type of disability, the elderly, the financially and socially disadvantaged to start sailing in the Philippines. The others demonstration sports introduced being Boccia, Wheelchair fencing, and Ten-pin bowling.
The Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club (GLYC), established in 1938, whose facilities include a fully licensed bar, club rooms with lake views, launching area with ramp, crane, and mooring jetties. The club has wet berth, hardstand and undercover boat storage. Classes raced include Flying 15s, Mosquitos, Sabres, Castle 650s, Sonata 6/7s, Magnum 8.5s, Timpenny 770s, and a mixed fleet of dinghys, trailer-sailers and keelboats. The club conducts sail training and sailability programs.
West Cheshire Sailing Club is located at Coastal Drive, off Harrison Drive, Wallasey, on the Wirral Peninsula, England, near Liverpool. The club was founded in 1892 and the members regularly sail on the River Mersey and New Brighton Marine Lake. The club mainly sails dinghys and has a thriving cadet section. The club hosts its annual regatta as part of the Wirral Regattas series where local sailors come to compete on the River Mersey.
A spinnaker pole is a spar used in sailboats (both dinghys and yachts) to help support and control a variety of headsails, particularly the spinnaker. However, it is also used with other sails, such as genoas and jibs, when sailing downwind with no spinnaker hoisted. (Since the load on a spinnaker pole is very light on this point of sailing, sometimes a special light spinnaker pole called a whisker pole is used in these circumstances.)
The fleet () at the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center makes up one of the largest of any community sailing program in the country. The fleet of 80 boats includes Pearson Ensign, J-24s, and Solings. For younger sailors, the Sailing Center's fleet includes Hunter 146s, DC Dinghys and 470s, a two-person Olympic racer. The Sailing Center uses a JY Club Trainer for use in area park lagoons.
As one of four sailing clubs on Mobile Bay, BucYC hosts the Dauphin Island Race once every four years. This is "arguably the largest single day point to point sail race in the U.S.A." with over 300 boats and 1000 crewmembers. In 2007 it hosted the 87th annual Sir Thomas Lipton Inter-Club Challenge sailboat race, an Olympic style GYA racing event for sailors of Flying Scot dinghys.
Thistle hulls are relatively light for their size; they have no decking or spray protection, which saves weight. The sail plan is large for a boat of this size, consisting of a marconi rig with a main, jib, and symmetrical spinnaker. The sail plan is larger for the boat’s weight than in many other dinghies, which makes Thistles perform extremely well in light wind. Their hulls have wide, rounded bottoms, allowing the boats to plane in winds as low as 10 knots. It is not uncommon to see thistles efficiently making their way, while other dinghys of similar design are becalmed.
Sealing masts and attaching flotation are effective preventatives for turtling of dinghys, but not widely utilized. More certain preventatives for this includes various forms of flotation added to the tip of the mast or top of the mainsail. These include floats (e.g., one that looks like a streamlined blimp used on Hobie 16s) or a "sail patch" a sleeve with built in flotation that fits over the top of the sail, available for example as option on the Wayfarer (dinghy) Mark IV. Another alternative is to seal the mast, thereby increasing its buoyancy.
The Banshee is a very fast boat. It has over 90 square feet of sail and is much more comfortable to sail than a Laser. There are no basic rigging restrictions. The Banshee cockpit stays dry if you capsize, while also being easy to handle. It is one of the best performing single handed dinghys ever designed. The Banshee weighs in at only 120 pounds so it makes it easy put on a car, trailer, and launch. If you just want to go sail for the day, two adults can easily fit or one adult and a couple of kids.
Pallithottam is situated in a cluster of five fishing villages along a five kilometre coastline around a natural bay just south of Neendakara—the largest trawler harbour in Kerala. A full-fledged boat yard is functioning at Pallithottam. Few numbers of small plywood dinghys are working there at Pallithottam for fishing in the backwaters with the use of sails. The fisherman community of Pallithottam have demanded separate fish landing and auction hall facilities within the Tangassery harbour complex. Kollam Development Authority(KDA) had taken up a housing colony project for Pallithottam. A considerable number of members in South Indian Federation of Fishermen Societies(SIFFS) is from Pallithottam. A good number of the city's cable TV networking companies are based on Pallithottam One among the 17 police stations coming under the jurisdiction of Kollam City Police is situated at Pallithottam.
On 16 June, the day before the invasion, German reconnaissance aircraft spotted two flotillas of invasion ships, but thought they were just the normal naval convoys between Naples and Bastia. To preserve the surprise, there was no pre-invasion bombing until the night of 16/17 June, when 26 Vickers Wellingtons bombed Portoferraio and Porto Longone. The 270 ships of the invasion fleet arrived off Elba just after midnight on 17 June, when ships from Group 1 disembarked 87 men from the Bataillion de Choc Commando in rubber dinghys offshore of Cape Enfola. The naval group then started laying a smokescreen to create a diversion. At 03:15, three other boats started laying smoke north of Portoferraio. With the German gun batteries engaging a retreating PT boat, four others made toward Portoferraio to simulate landing craft approaching, firing salvos of rockets and dropping dummies overboard to give the impression of troops wading ashore.