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Examples of "dinnerware"
Dinnerware was made by Red Wing from 1935 to 1967. More than 100 hand decorated patterns were produced. View pictures of all the dinnerware patterns at Golden State Red Wing's Learning page For detailed Red Wing dinnerware information see
It is known for its vineyards and ceramic dinnerware.
The company made only commercial china until 1946 when their first dinnerware lines were introduced. The dinnerware was made out of vitreous china, similar to their commercial ware, but in very modern shapes.
In 2010 Dana partnered with housewares company Ink Dish. Dana created a line of dinnerware based on her Kites painting, which was subsequently featured in the New York Times under the heading Design Firm Turns Dinnerware Into Works of Art.
The W. S. George Pottery Company produced semi-porcelain dinnerware, hotel ware, and toilet wares. At its peak the company was able to produce over 800,000 dozen-piece sets of dinnerware.
Oneida Limited is the exclusive American marketer and distributor of Schonwald foodservice dinnerware. The line is known for its trendsetting designs, advanced technology, and high quality. Schonwald is the company's 5-star luxury brand of foodservice dinnerware.
The late 1950s brought foreign imports flooding the American dinnerware market as well as the introduction of new competitive dinnerware manufacturing processes, melamine used in the brand Melmac and CorningWare by Corning Glass Works, placing pressure on Gladding, McBean & Co. to manufacture and market lower cost dinnerware lines to compete in the lower price tier dinnerware market. The only lower priced dinnerware line, introduced in 1958, to be manufactured in the Glendale plant was the earthenware Family China line designed by George T. James. Two lower priced dinnerware lines were produced in Japan and introduced in 1959. The earthenware Whitestone Ware, designed by George T. James, was manufactured by Toyo Toki Kaisha, and the Cosmopolitan China, designed by Mary Jane Winans, was manufactured by Nippon Toki Kaisha.
Pfaltzgraff is an American kitchenware brand that sells quality dinnerware, serveware, drinkware and flatware.
Her dinnerware designs for Royal Copenhagen had a simple, timeless look. Her work is exhibited internationally.
Marchesa launched a handbag line, Wedding dresses and partnered with Lenox to launch dinnerware.
Prior to World War II, Vernon Kilns ceased production of art ware, however continued to manufacture dinnerware and specialty ware. During the war, Vernon created a new set of English-style dinnerware molds and patterns to meet the demands of consumers who could no longer purchase imported dinnerware. This shape, known as "Melinda", featured an embossed rope motif and was decorated in approximately 24 different patterns between 1942 and 1955.
American Modern Dinnerware. Colorful and curvaceous dinnerware designed by Russel Wright originally manufactured by Steubenville Pottery in Steubenville, Ohio and currently manufactured by Bauer Pottery Company of Los Angeles. Its unique and immediately recognizable colors of coral, chartreuse, granite grey and seafoam, as well as its distinctive curvilinear decorative shapes, went on to make American Modern dinnerware the most popular and identifiable china pattern/china colors ever sold, with over 250 million pieces sold between 1939 - 1959 alone.
Fiesta was introduced at the annual Pottery and Glass Exhibit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in January 1936. It was not the first solid color dinnerware in the US; smaller companies, especially Bauer Pottery in California, had been producing dinnerware, vases, and garden pottery, in solid color glazes for the better part of a decade by the time Fiesta was introduced to the market. But, Fiesta was the first widely mass-promoted and marketed solid-color dinnerware in the United States.
Dana Oldfather (born November 30, 1978) is an American oil painter and dinnerware designer often linked to Cleveland’s artistic resurgence.
Staffordshire Tableware Ltd. was a producer of mugs, tableware and dinnerware based in Stoke-on-Trent, England.
Pickard, Inc., remains a family-owned business. The company's sales are primarily in fine china dinnerware, decorative accessories and collectibles.
In 1979, before Tucson had an arts district, Dinnerware established an artist presence on Congress Street. Today, it continues to be the cornerstone of the contemporary art scene in downtown Tucson. Dinnerware exhibits work from first-time, emerging, and established area artists. Dinnerware Artspace is currently located at 119 E. Toole in Tucson, Arizona, and has grown into a community art center. Included is the Central Arts Gallery (an artist run art collective), Dinnerware Press(a printmaking collective), YOGAnomics (a yoga collective), Dinnerware Photo(photo darkroom collective), Jewelry, Ceramics, Fashion, Framing, and provides assistance for artists wanting to sell online at Dinnerware provides classes, workshops, lectures, and events in these areas as well. Annual exhibits include Salon des Refuse, Night of 1,000 Drawings, Pollos del Pueblo and a number of theme group exhibits. Events include semi annual fashion shows, IGNITE Tucson, and Snakebite Film Festival with more always in the planning stages. Dinnerware relies on support from public participation of its projects and draws large audiences to its various exhibitions and innovative events.
HLC maintains contracts with the federal government to supply china and dinnerware for a range of functions. This includes formal dinners to dinnerware for use by US troops at base camps and in the field. A number of these designs are exclusive to the US government.
Hall China attracted talented designers, with examples being Eva Zeisel's popular "Century" dinnerware and the even more popular "Tomorrow's Classic" dinnerware and "Zeisel" tri-color lines and Donald Schreckengost's cookie jars shaped like owls, casserole dishes shaped like ducks, and teapots shaped like Ronald Reagan and Sherlock Holmes.
The pottery produced a line of hand crafted terra cotta dinnerware and artware. Common dinnerware shapes were mugs, cups, tumblers, plates, bowls (covered and uncovered), tureens, casserole dishes, trays, teapots and pitchers. Artware shapes included vases of various size, ashtrays, hooded candle holders, planters, incense pots, candelabra and lamp bases.