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elvino              adalgisa              arlesiana              sciutti              freni              sandrina              mirella              amorosa              stravagante              fedra              lisetta              aroldo              ricciarelli              torvaldo              cotrubas              paquita              arminio              zulma              montecchi              suor              frasquita              ernani              cossotto              dorliska              gardoni              gavazzeni              graziella              sparafucile              mefistofele              annarella              tebaldo              halffter              velluti              angiolina              lucecita              pollione              arminda              troilo              dolora              lablache              sandrini              ildebrando              cilea              ifigenia              nanetta              leonarda              cameriera              tisbe              gioconda              mariangela             

Examples of "dinorah"
Quincy Jones and Jerry Hey also won the Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Arrangement for the song "Dinorah, Dinorah."
Dinorah Varsi died in Berlin, Germany, on June 17, 2013.
Dinorah Varsi (15 November 1939 - 17 June 2013) was a Uruguayan classical pianist.
Mary Dinorah Gilchrist (c. 1882 - January 14, 1947, Edinburgh) was a Scottish female chess player.
Dinorah de Jesús Rodríguez (born April 28, 1957) is an experimental film artist based in Miami.
Nevertheless, "Dinorah" was initially performed quite often outside France and became a great favorite of Adelina Patti, but is nowadays rarely performed except for the famous virtuoso aria for soprano "Ombre légère", also known as the "Shadow Song" as it is a one-sided 'duet' by Dinorah with her shadow. Other sopranos who have enjoyed considerable success in the role of Dinorah are Amelita Galli-Curci, Ilma di Murska, Luisa Tetrazzini and Maria Barrientos and Lily Pons.
Josefina Montero, a respectable woman, suspects that her husband, Amador, is having an affair with Margarita Faberman. In reality, Amador's affair is with Margarita's sister, Dinorah. One stormy night Amador and Dinorah plan to leave together. However, Margarita discovers this and tries to stop them. She locks Dinorah in her room at home and goes to the place Amador is waiting for Dinorah. She finds him in his car and tries to convince him to return to his family. When this fails, Amador begins to drive her back, however his car rolls over and they are killed. This further convinces everyone else that they were lovers planning to leave. To save herself, Dinorah lets everyone else believe it so. Eventually, she marries her late sister's husband, Fausto Santos. A bitter Josefina is now a widow and does everything she can to tarnish the Faberman's name.
She apparently returned to the Columbia studios, in 1925, to record a performance of the "Mad Scene" from "Dinorah".
However, Pedro Afonso will do everything to live that love. Sergio Murilo promises marriage to Dinorah, who sees her dreams closer to becoming reality. But not all is flowers: he needs a kidney transplant. It is then that the passionate Dinorah decides to give him her kidney. The two marry and undergo surgery. However, when recovering, Sergio Murilo disappears, leaving the desperate woman behind.
By October 1858, Meyerbeer had apparently decided on Cabel as Dinorah, since no other more suitable singer was available, and was working with her on the part.
Dinorah Enríquez (19 January 1947 – 14 March 1998) was a Puerto Rican fencer. She competed in the women's individual foil event at the 1976 Summer Olympics.
Baby Consuelo (born Bernadete Dinorah de Carvalho Cidade July 18, 1952) (also known as Baby do Brasil) is a Brazilian performer, singer and composer.
They descend upon the cache where Dinorah also happens to be. From her, Corentin learns about the legend, and later he and Hoël invite each other first to inspect the treasure. During that time, Dinorah, in pursuit of her pet goat, steps on a tree trunk by a river as it is hit by lightning, and falls in the water and is swept away by the current. Hoël having witnessed the scene leaps to her rescue.
In 1993, Bronfman married Clarisa Alcock San Román, the daughter of Frank Alcock Pérez-Matos, a Venezuelan oil executive of half British descent and a Venezuelan mother, Dinorah San Román Strup. They have four children: Aaron, Bettina, Erik, and Clarissa.
When the Winter War broke out in 1939, Rubinstein returned to Finland and served as a medic and a psychiatrist in the army. He married his cousin Dinorah Rosenthal in 1940.
The premiere of Meyerbeer's "Le pardon de Ploermel" was on 4 April 1859 with Cabel singing the role of Dinorah. At the end of the performance the calls for Meyerbeer were unending, and the Emperor and Empress summoned Meyerbeer to the Royal Box, where Marie Cabel was given the honor of placing a laurel wreath upon his head. Afterward Meyerbeer dared to write in his diary that he considered it "a brilliant success". The critics were also quite positive, and Cabel was praised for her "vertiginous-virtuoso portrayal of Dinorah."
Elvira de Hidalgo recorded for Columbia, with arias from "Il barbiere", "La sonnambula", and "I puritani" committed to disc in 1907-08. In 1909-10 she made discs for Fonotipia, with excerpts recorded from "Il barbiere", "Don Pasquale", "La sonnambula", "Roméo et Juliette", "Dinorah", "L'elisir d'amore", "Don Giovanni", and "Mireille".
She is daughter of the actors Manuel Pêra and Dinorah Marzullo and granddaughter of the actress Antonia Marzullo. She is mother of the singer Amora Pêra, who is daughter of the composer and singer Gonzaguinha. Sandra is sister of the actress Marília Pêra.
Born in Verviers, Warot studied initially with his father and then in Paris with Giulio Alary. He made his professional opera début at the Opéra-Comique in 1858 in Armand Limnander's "Les monténégrins". The following year he created the role of the Reaper in the premiere of Meyerbeer's "Dinorah". In 1860 he sang the role of Beppe in the premiere of Donizetti's "Rita".
He studied under Teodulo Mabellini in Florence and appeared in many European countries, including England, where he sang in Giacomo Meyerbeer's "Dinorah" in 1881. He appeared at Covent Garden in 1887. He appeared in Prague that year in the centenary performance of "Don Giovanni".