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Examples of "dinwitty"
Mississippi (within sight of Louisiana) with her Grandpa, John Dinwitty (Walter Brennan). She runs around barefoot, dreaming of life outside of the swamp, and talking to her best friend, Nan, a goat.
Tammy and the Bachelor is a 1957 romantic comedy film and is the first of the four Tammy films. It stars Debbie Reynolds as Tambrey "Tammy" Tyree, Walter Brennan as Grandpa Dinwitty and Leslie Nielsen as Peter Brent. It was adapted from the 1948 novel "Tammy Out of Time" by Cid Ricketts Sumner.
Bachelor Peter Brent is rescued by young Tammy and her grandfather when his plane crashes in a swamp, and brought to their houseboat, the "Ellen B." When Pete is well enough, he returns home to his fiancée. However, Tammy's grandfather gets caught for moonshining and goes to jail, so he sends Tammy to stay with Pete. Tammy's home cooking, enthusiasm, and sunny personality change Pete and his family. The cast includes Debbie Reynolds as Tammy, Leslie Nielsen as Peter Brent, Walter Brennan as Tammy's grandfather, Mr. Dinwitty, and Fay Wray as Peter's mother, Mrs. Brent.