Synonyms for dionewar or Related words with dionewar

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Examples of "dionewar"
Djilor, Bassoul, Dionewar, Djirnda, Keur Saloum Diané, Keur Samba Guèye, Nioro Allassane Tall, Toubacouta, Gossas Gossas, Guinguinéo
The territory of the Niominka is called the Gandoul. Most of the Niominka live in its eleven large villages, which include Niodior, Dionewar, and Falia. They represent a little less than 1% of the population of Senegal.
Parallel to the phenomenon of erosion, occurs a process of sedimentation: the extremity of the new Southern Island of Sangomar increases by 100 m per annum to the south and, on the opposite bank, the outskirts of the villages of Niodior and Dionewar are silting considerably, reducing traffic of vessels and contributing to the isolation of populations.