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alekos              lefteris              stamatis              mimis              vaggelis              christoforos              makis              fotis              tasos              manthos              konstantaras              sotiris              thodoris              thanasis              babis              charalampos              tsaganeas              papathanasiou              manolis              papantoniou              thodoros              mihalis              kazakos              vasileios              constantinos              yiannis              vasilis              panayiotis              thanassis              pantelis              grigoris              papatheodorou              koulis              vagelis              dionisis              nikolaou              chiotis              panagiotidis              avlonitis              emmanouil              diamantis              lakis              kraounakis              filippos              makridis              kyriakos              philippos              michalis              lavrentis              plessas             

Examples of "dionysis"
Dionysis Makris (Greek: Διονύσης Μακρής) born 5 February 1982 as Dionysis Syntrivanis) is a popular Greek singer, of laiko music.
Dionysis Chasiotis (; born 1 March 1975) is a Greek football defender.
Shareholder and president of the station is currently Dionysis Panagiotakis (100% interest).
"The Furious Years of Italian Hardcore Pun"k CD (Antichrist / Dionysis, 1995 - contains the first EP)
Kalamaki, near Athens and she played in cinema together with Dionysis Papagiannopoulos and Lambros Konstantaras.
"Lotta per vivere" CD (Antichrist / Dionysis, 1996 - contains everything but the first EP)
Dionysis Savvopoulos () (born 2 December 1944) is a prominent Greek singer-songwriter.
The film stars Petros Fyssoun, Martha Vourtsi, Dionysis Papayiannopoulos, Andreas Douzos, Efi Oikonomou, Hristos Tsaganeas, Nitsa Tsaganea and Nikos Fermas.
In 2009 Perrakis returned to Lavrio after 6 years. He is the vice-captain of the club behind Dionysis Giannakopoulos.
Dionysis Savvopoulos has written both music and lyrics to the popular Greek song "Ode to Georgios Karaiskakis" ().
Dionysis Hatzidakis is the mayor of Palaio Faliro, one of the municipalities in the greater Athens area, Greece.
The international airport on the island of Zakynthos and a square in Nicosia, Cyprus, are named after Dionysis Solomos.
Enas delikanis () is a 1963 Greek film directed by Manolis Skouloudis. It stars Ilya Livykou and Dionysis Papagiannopoulos. Filmed in the island of Crete.
The stadium was inaugurated on 23 November, followed by a concert by Filippos Pliatsikas (himself a fan of the team) and Dionysis Tsaknis.
He has collaborated with many of the most important Greek artists, like Manos Hadjidakis, Dionysis Savvopoulos, Rallou Manou, Stavros Xarchakos, Melina Merkouri and others.
Dionysis Makrydimitris (; born 26 January 1985) is a professional footballer who plays as a defender and defensive midfielder for Olympiacos Volou in Football League.
In 2011 Tsiros returned to Lavrio. He is among with Michalis Perrakis and Dionysis Giannakopoulos one of the pillars of the club.
In 1976, Greek songwriter Dionysis Savvopoulos invited him to participate in Acharnees, a cycle of songs and stage acts based on the ancient comedy by Aristophanes. There Papazoglou met Manolis Rasoulis and the two, along with Dionysis Savvopoulos and Nikos Xydakis, produced in 1978 the influential "Ekdikisi Tis Gyftias" (, meaning The Revenge of Gypsies in Greek). The work received critical acclaim. Papazoglou and Rasoulis cooperated the following year in another successful work, "Ta Dithen" (Τα δήθεν meaning so-called in Greek).
Dionysis Savvopoulos, Manolis Hiotis, amongst others. Nevertheless every composer and lyricist approached readily agreed, testament to the respect that NAMA has. Moreover, songs like 'MIA AGAPI GIA TO KALOKAIRI' quickly became classics.
We Have to Marry Them Off (Greek: Prepei na ta pantrepsoume) is a 1953 Greek romantic comedy film directed by Mavrikios Novak and starring Jenny Roussea, Dionysis Milas and Marika Anthopoulou.