Synonyms for diplomesodon or Related words with diplomesodon

ruwenzorisorex              nemegtbaatar              sansaniensis              lutreolina              cambarellus              neophascogale              catopsaloides              gonyosoma              coggeri              nemipteridae              matthewi              origma              callionymidae              feroculus              erichsoni              cirrhitidae              loveridgei              krefftii              semioptera              byrnei              connivens              laicharting              achaetops              dinochelys              clandestinus              amphinectomys              eisentrauti              thanatophilus              pandanicola              hypalastoroides              celestus              bobrinskii              hemiergis              potamogale              monilicornis              bullatus              veliferidae              acroloxus              catopsbaatar              annectans              doriai              toxorhamphus              latimeriidae              dienerella              necrolemur              kunsia              caturus              antechinomys              simpsoni              brodiei             

Examples of "diplomesodon"
The piebald shrew ("Diplomesodon pulchellum") is a shrew found in the Turan Lowland east of the Caspian Sea in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. It grows to 2–2 inches in length, and usually hunts for insects and lizards at night. It is the only extant member of the genus Diplomesodon. In 2011, A. Cheke described a new and possibly extinct species based on a 19th-century manuscript: "Diplomesodon sonnerati" (Sonnerat's shrew).
The dental formulas of shrews are distinguished by the number of unicuspids. All shrews have (in one half of each jaw) one large incisor followed by a variable number of unicuspids, followed by a complex premolar, followed by three molars. All shrews except for those of the genus "Myosorex" have one lower unicuspid; "Myosorex" has two. The genera "Blarina", "Blarinella", and "Sorex" have five upper unicuspids. The genera "Myosorex", "Feroculus", "Scutisorex", "Suncus", "Sylvisorex", "Ruwenzorisorex", "Cryptotis", "Neomys", "Soriculus", and "Episoriculus" have four upper unicuspids. The genera "Congosorex", "Surdisorex", "Solisorex", "Paracrocidura", "Crocidura", "Chimarrogale", "Chodsigoa", "Megasorex", "Nectogale", and "Notiosorex" have three upper unicuspids. The genera "Diplomesodon" and "Anourosorex" have two upper unicuspids.