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Examples of "dirtball"
4. March 12, 2005 (Dirtball and Burnout Convention)
In April 2013, Doogtoons released a live-action music video featuring The Dirtball and Daddy X of the Kottonmouth Kings.
On May 22, 2012 The Dirtball released his 6th solo album, 5th on Suburban Noize Records, and 2nd since joining Kottonmouth Kings, an EP titled Desert Eagle.
"New World Orphans" also features guest collaborations including Suburban Noize Records' Kottonmouth Kings and The Dirtball, and Strange Music's Tech N9ne.
On March 1, 2011 The Dirtball released his 5th solo album, 4th on Suburban Noize Records, and 1st since joining Kottonmouth Kings titled Nervous System.
Freed later married and divorced several times, while playing guitar and singing with bands such as Mudd Helmut, Dirtball, and The Shiners.
"Guilty Pleasurez" is a re-release of "Guilty Pleasure", released on March 13, 2012. The album includes the same track listing, plus one new song ("Never Back Down"), an updated version of "Magnum" (featuring Mickey Avalon) and a 'screamix' of "Doin' My Thang" (with Antz doing screams and featuring The Dirtball).
David Alexander (born in Crook County, Oregon), better known by his stage name The Dirtball is an American recording solo artist, a member of hip-hop rap group Kottonmouth Kings whom he joined in early 2010, and the punk rock group collaboration X-Pistols with Daddy X of the Kottonmouth Kings and members of So Cal punk group D.I.
Since then, Big B has released multiple albums, including three with OPM. He has also collaborated with The Dirtball and Subnoize Souljaz. In addition, he was featured on the track "Keep It Simple" for Blaze Ya Dead Homie's album, Clockwork Gray.
Weeks before the album's release date, "Ordo AB Chao" appeared on the band's MySpace, which was revamped in order to promote the album. Starting two days prior to the release of the album, the band embarked on the "D.I.Y." tour which featured other Suburban Noize Records artists such as OPM, Dirtball and Potluck in order to promote the album's release.
Big B and The Dirtball also collaborated on an all-exclusive song called "Check Royalty" for the "When There's No More Room In Hell Volume 1" compilation which was put out on SugarDaddy Records, an independent label fronted by the band Wolfpac's front man Daddy Long Legs.
In the Politics Today sketch, we learn that Skeeter is a high school drop out and has poor knowledge of politics and current events. In the Dirtball and Burnout Convention commercial, it is revealed that Skeeter is a "four time arrestee from TV's "Cops"."
Nocturnal is the second extended play by American rapper Prozak, following up to his 2001 "Aftabirth" EP. The eight-track album was released on December 11, 2012 via Strange Music. Its audio production was handled by Seven on all tracks, except for the intro track produced by Magnetic, and featured guest appearances by The Dirtball, The R.O.C., and Twiztid.
Family Ties is the second solo studio album by American rapper Daddy X. It was released on January 31, 2006 via Suburban Noize Records. The twenty-one-track record featured guest appearances from Dirtball, Dogboy, Big B, Judge D, and Corporate Avenger.
X Pistols is a punk rock band from Southern California and Oregon, formed in 2010. Brad "Daddy X" Xavier (former Doggy Style frontman, Humble Gods and Kottonmouth Kings frontman), David "The Dirtball" Alexander (Kottonmoth Kings frontman), D.I. members TNT, Joey Glock, and Colt Clayton make up the band. In 2011, X-Pistols released their debut album Shoot to Kill, on Suburban Noize Records.
From this fact the author derives the novel's title: Astra is actually the "Spinneret" of this cable. What once was a resource-less dirtball soon becomes the most popular factory in the galaxy, with several alien races, the UN and the United States all jockeying for rights to the cable, with the colonists stuck in between.
American Underdog is Big B's fifth solo album. Like all his previous solo albums it was released for Suburban Noize Records. This album includes collaborations with Daddy X, The Dirtball, Johnny Richter, Scott Russo of Unwritten Law, Jared of Hed PE, and John E. Necro.
Long Live The Kings is the eleventh studio album released by the Kottonmouth Kings on April 20, 2010, and was the first album that featured their newest addition to the group, The Dirtball. It's also the only album to date that featured 8 members of the Kottonmouth Kings on the cover of the album, as it was released just prior to Pakelika leaving the group. The album features the likes of Tech N9ne, Insane Clown Posse, and Big B. It features the single, "At It Again", from Johnny Richter's new solo album, "Laughing", as well as a single from The Dirtball, entitled "Mushrooms", which is said to be the sequel to a song he released earlier in his career called "Mushroom Cloud".
A review of the "Birthday of the World" volume called "Paradises Lost" a "a mesmerizing novella of space exploration and the pursuit of happiness", while Booklist Review commented that it offered a "change of pace" from the rest of the collection, and that in contrast to many of the other stories, which are set in the Hainish Universe, "stood well on its own". Author and literary critic Margaret Atwood, reviewing the volume for New York Books, wrote that "Paradises Lost" was a part of the "note of renewal" in "Birthday of the World". Atwood stated that she found a "release from claustrophobia" in the fact that Le Guin offered a choice between a version of "heaven" on board the ship and life on a "dirtball", but took the side of the dirtball. According to Atwood, in doing so, "Paradises Lost" "shows us our own natural world as a freshly discovered Paradise Regained, a realm of wonder".
Brad Xavier, known by his stage name Daddy X, is a hip hop artist and record producer. He used to be in the punk/hardcore band Doggy Style, in which he went by the stage name of Daddy X. He is the frontman for Kottonmouth Kings, Humble Gods, and X-Pistols (with The Dirtball). He is married to Anna Rose and has a daughter named Sky Blue Xavier, and wrote a song for her on his debut solo album Organic Soul.