Synonyms for disheartened or Related words with disheartened

unnerved              dispirited              dismayed              saddened              disgusted              demoralized              dejected              unfazed              embarrassed              humiliated              comforted              embittered              flustered              humbled              infuriated              disconcerted              grieved              despondent              traumatised              dumbfounded              appalled              mortified              distraught              bewildered              exasperated              chagrined              puzzled              incensed              demoralised              terrified              astounded              enraged              awed              tormented              consoled              annoyed              displeased              disillusioned              heartbroken              amused              mystified              astonished              intimidated              resentful              despaired              gratified              enthralled              horrified              bemused              disappointed             

Examples of "disheartened"
Hannah went jet-skiing, but was disheartened after still not finding a seal.
Mac Creiche was disheartened and went to spend the night on the field at Magh Aoi.
Mick became disheartened with the game and left Rovers, in a swap with Tommy McConville in December 1973 for Waterford .
When Afonso IV of Portugal, who was still besieging the city of Badajoz, was informed of the defeat of the Portuguese troops in Barcarrota he was disheartened,
After two days and a rainstorm-filled night, disheartened, the British troops withdrew retreating back to North Point, reboarded their ships leaving Baltimore not to return.
He ended his days disheartened and in poverty. His body was disinterred in 1895, to be reburied in the Pretoria cemetery now known as the Heroes' Acre.
When he read the humiliating public announcement in the official gazette he was totally disheartened, but commented ironically: "Now I'm Portugal's only acknowledged homosexual...".
On February 24, 1832, a disheartened Ezra Cornell wrote the following response to his expulsion from The Society of Friends due to his marriage to Mary Ann Wood:
After some time, Hare's women began deserting him, and instead finding themselves mates amongst Clunies-Ross' sailors. Disheartened, Hare left the island. He died in Bencoolen in 1834.
Apparently disheartened by his faltering career and financial difficulties, Cardwell committed suicide by gunshot at the age of 32 in Los Angeles, California on 31 January 1954.
Popham eventually won the elections as President of the new colony but died the following year. The colonists were disheartened by the harshness of the climate and returned in the springtime to England.
In 1999, Gaynor performs the song at the school Prom on That 70's Show episode 19 "Prom Night" to cheer up a disheartened, lovelorn, Fez, who disco dances and bumps with her as the song is performed.
Most people agreed that the game showed some promise, but had serious flaws, particularly in the combat system. Disheartened by the political friction within Sacnoth, as well as the financial condition of SNK, Kikuta resigned.
The story ends with the barbarians retreating from Rome, disheartened by the loss of their leader, and with Marius being posthumously hailed as a hero for his efforts to fend off their attacks.
Anwara: Saaski's adopted mother, a harassed young woman living in a small village by the moor. She often displays a kindly attitude towards Saaski, but is disheartened as the story progresses.
According to some biblical scholars (e.g. Goldingay, 301), Popillius Laenas' fleet is the one referred to in Daniel 11: "For ships of Kittim will come against him; therefore he will be disheartened and will return," ().
After this first string of international fixtures the South Africans became disheartened after only winning four of the thirteen tour matches and rugby league again lay dormant for decades.
Morrison returned to Parliament in the 1929 general election, and MacDonald appointed him Minister of Transport. Morrison, like many others in the party, was deeply disheartened by MacDonald's national government, and he lost his seat again in 1931.
Disheartened by the British non-acceptance to his request for restoration of his kingdom, Chandrakanta Singha returned to Guwahati. He died at his residence in Guwahati in 1839, soon after his return from Calcutta.
Suffering from illness (likely cancer) and disheartened by the King's rebuke, Conti resigned his post in favour of Colonel Hannß Casimir von Schaumberg. Both Gartz and Greifenhagen, where Conti had been garrisoned, were soon thereafter lost to the Swedes.