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Examples of "disintegrator_ray"
Leopold Stryke is fatally mutilated in Las Vegas by Gladiator, who was sent to acquire a disintegrator ray that the Eel had in his possession.
In science fiction, a disintegrator ray is an energy beam that destroys an object by disintegrating it to its basic components, which usually disperse into the atmosphere. "Ray gun" is the generic term for the weapons that fire disintegrator beams.
In "Edison's Conquest of Mars", as an answer to the Heat-Ray, Thomas Edison designs a disintegrator ray for use by human forces. This is the first appearance of such a device in science fiction.
In the year 3000 lives a pitiless queen who seeks out and kills all her would-be suitors with the powers of her mega-radar and disintegrator ray. That is, until the trainer of a strange whistling creature takes up the challenge of evading the radar. Could it be that queen is not really cruel, and that her anger only stems from her loneliness?
To obtain a disintegrator ray generator, Enforcer hires Gladiator to steal if from Eel, who was in possession of the device. Enforcer encounters Eel in the alley and claims the device as Gladiator kills Eel. Enforcer brings the device to Dr. Goldman to be miniaturized.
The variant "ray projector" was used by John W. Campbell in "The Black Star Passes" in 1930. Related terms "disintegrator ray" dates to 1898 in Garrett P. Serviss' "Edison's Conquest of Mars"; "blaster" dates to 1925 in Nictzin Dyalhis' story "When the Green Star Waned;" and "needle ray" and "needler" date to 1934 in E.E. Smith's "The Skylark of Valeron".
A small alien spaceship is cruising around the solar system. When it reaches the vicinity of Earth, it is struck by an asteroid and crashes at night in the small town of Perry Hall. Some hunters hear the impact and alert County Sheriff Cinder. When they go investigating on their own, however, the pilot emerges and kills them with a disintegrator ray. The beast also attacks a couple in their home, and a family out for a drive.
After the war, Pyro turned its attention to toys and promotional items. In the late 1940s, the company began to produce toy “clicker pistols”, and eventually became one of the leading manufacturers of military toys during the Korean War period. The public’s interest in outer space soon led the company to offer a number of space-themed toys including conceptual rocket ships and the "Pyrotomic disintegrator" ray gun (1953) which became extremely popular.
Other cost-cutting measures didn't work as well: The aliens' costumes were simple flight suits clearly decorated with masking tape, dress shoes covered in socks, and surplus Air Force flight helmets. The use of stock footage, in lieu of real special effects and Spielbergian "looking" shots that replaced actual visuals of the invading alien spaceships, seriously undercut the film's ending. Props included a single-bolted-joint skeleton re-used for every dead body seen on screen, a multi-channel sound mixer that was not camouflaged (clearly bearing the label "Multichannel Mixer MCM-2") as a piece of alien equipment, and a dime store Hubley's "Atomic Disintegrator" toy as the aliens' disintegrator ray gun.
Nancy Voss continues to invent even more futuristic devices, including a "disintegrator ray" (contained in a lipstick) which emits a green light and destroys anything. Most stores close and many town functions (such as the mail) cease as the townspeople work on their devices. Sheriff Merrill now believes that Anderson had something to do with Davey Brown's disappearance, and almost arrests her. Merrill becomes suspicious, though, that much more is going on, and returns to her office to call Duggan. Despite Anderson's warning that she must "join with us" or be "punished", Merrill contacts Duggan. The telephone line goes dead and Merrill is assaulted by her dolls and they knock her unconscious. With Merrill missing and Haven cut off, Duggan and two other troopers investigate. Duggan is shocked by the townspeople's apathy and apparent illness — hair falling out, baggy eyes, pale skin, exhaustion, etc. When he begins to feel nauseated — a sign that he is beginning to be affected — he leaves and the illness vanishes. The two other troopers got sucked in with Nancy Voss's disintegrator ray.
In 2009 and 2011, two versions of Buck Rogers action figures were released by the entertainment/toy companies "Go Hero" and "Zica Toys". The first is a vintage version of Buck Rogers as he appeared in the original comic strip. This 1:6 scale figure of Buck wears the 1930s period uniform including visor leather like plastic helmet and vest, a glass bubble space helmet, a red light up plastic flame jet pack, a mini gold colored metal XZ-38 Disintegrator Ray Pistol and a wooden slotted lid box with the limited edition number up to 1000. The second 1:9 scale figure is based on Gil Gerard wearing the white flight suit from the 1979 movie/TV series and also features a Tigerman figure.
When Caniff Printing, a newspaper shop loyal to the Resistance and publishing an underground newspaper, was seized by Science Frontiers security personnel and 6 Resistance agents, including Robin Maxwell, captured, Mike Donovan sent teams of two all over the city in an effort to locate the hostages. Elias and Willie were the ones who found the hostages, trapped in the shop. Willie initially wanted to leave back to the hideout to warn the others, but Elias wanted to know what the mysterious new platform was outside the shop and crept closer. Unfortunately, this was actually the platform for a Visitor disintegrator ray and, when the Visitors spotted Elias, turned the weapon on him and fired. Elias was vaporized.
But there are bigger problems: the Gargon has grown immensely large in Earth's atmosphere, killing a policeman investigating the alien's landing site, and attacking numerous people. Derek and Betty go to the car wreck site to look for Thor's ray gun. They share a kiss, and Derek vows to stay on Earth. When the Gargon ruins their romantic moment, Derek finds the ray gun just in time for them to be able to escape. Unfortunately, it is out of power and the enlarged Gargon is heading toward town. They follow and confront it, having used the overhead power lines to fuel the ray gun's disintegrator ray. They quickly kill the creature, but it's too late. Alien spaceships suddenly appear overhead.
When Caniff Printing, a newspaper shop loyal to the Resistance and publishing an underground newspaper, was seized by Science Frontiers security personnel and 6 Resistance agents, including Robin Maxwell, captured, Mike Donovan sent teams of two all over the city in an effort to locate the hostages. Elias and Willie were the ones who found the hostages, trapped in the shop. Willie initially wanted to go back to the hideout to warn the others, but Elias wanted to know what the mysterious new platform was outside the shop and crept closer. Unfortunately, this was actually the platform for a Visitor disintegrator ray and, when the Visitors spotted Elias, turned the weapon on him and fired. Elias was vaporized.
Dr. Goldman presents the disintegrator ray device in the form of a medallion. Enforcer arrives at the Belaire mansion to confront the "boss" of the criminal organization that gained control of Delazny studios. He then announces that he is taking over the organization. When the boss of the criminal organization threatens the Enforcer, he is disintegrated. The boss' henchmen then swear allegiance to Enforcer. Dr. Goldman then miniaturizes it further into a ring. As Enforcer and his henchmen head to San Diego Naval Yards, they are followed by Ghost Rider. During Enforcer's fight with the shore patrol, he is attacked by Ghost Rider. The two battle until they both fall into the water. Enforcer escapes, but his ring falls off into the water during the fight.
According to SF historian Sam Moskowitz, "The Time Traveller" was the first fanzine to be devoted exclusively to science fiction. It went through a series of incarnations and title switches ("Science Fiction Digest;" "Fantasy Magazine") before it ceased publication in January 1937. The zine's chief claim to fame was its publication of a 17-part round-robin story called "Cosmos" (July 1933 – December 1934), each part written by a different writer. The roster of "Cosmos" writers included many of the leading lights of SF, fantasy, horror, and adventure fiction in that era, including A. Merritt, E.E. "Doc" Smith, Edmond Hamilton, John W. Campbell, E. Hoffmann Price, and Otis Adelbert Kline. The others involved were David H. Keller, P. Schuyler Miller, Arthur J. Burks, Ralph Milne Farley, "Eando Binder," Francis Flagg, Lloyd Arthur Eshbach, Bob Olsen, J. Harvey Haggard, and Abner J. Gelula; Raymond A. Palmer wrote one installment under his own name, and another under the pseudonym "Rae Winters." Hamilton composed the final episode of the serial, and finished with a bang, destroying the planets Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus with an atomic disintegrator ray.
Firearms are common, and use 'Radium' bullets, which explode when exposed to sunlight. Some weapons are specific to races or inventors. The mysterious Yellow Martians, who live in secret glass-domed cities at the poles and appear in "The Warlord of Mars" have a form of magnet which allows them to attract flying craft and cause them to crash. Scientist Phor Tak, who appears in "A Fighting Man of Mars", has developed a disintegrator ray, and also a paste which renders vehicles such as fliers impervious to its effects. He also develops a missile which seeks out craft protected in this fashion, and a means of rendering fliers invisible which becomes a key plot device in the novel. However, while advanced weapons are available, most Martians seem to prefer melee combat — mostly with swords — and their level of skill is highly impressive. Warriors often are armed with four weapons (in descending order, pistol, long-sword, short sword and dagger) and it is considered unchivalrous to defend with any weapon but the one used in an attack (or a lesser one.)
Crypto possesses advanced Furon weaponry in both his flying saucer and on his person. The saucer is equipped with a "Death Ray" which can burn humans, vehicles, and buildings; the "Abducto Beam", a tractor ray that can lift up people and objects and hurl them into the air; the Quantum Deconstructor; a highly powerful nuclear weapon that can launch radioactive bombs that utterly destroys everything in its radius; and the "Sonic Boom", a bomb that can explode on contact and shock the blast radius like a tremor. On foot Crypto has an arsenal of four weapons, of which include the Zap-O-Matic, a gun that emits an electric charge, shocking its victims; the Anal Probe, a powerful rod that goes into the victim's rectum and uproots a D.N.A. enriched brain: the Disintegrator Ray, which turns the target's flesh and organs into ashes and renders only a charred skeleton; and the Ion Detonator, the Furon equivalent of a grenade launcher. He also is equipped with an upgradable jet pack to help him traverse long distances.
The Red Barbarian was a Communist general in an unnamed country, known for his brutality. After an attempt to steal an atomic bomb prototype from Stark Industries is foiled by superhero Iron Man, the Red Barbarian is approached by another Soviet agent known as The Actor, who is superior in disguising himself. The duo scheme to steal the secret disintegrator ray blueprints of Tony Stark, who is actually Iron Man. The Actor is sent to impersonate Stark and get the plans. The Actor succeeds in doing so, through the means of changing from disguise to disguise, and even learns the secret identity of Iron Man. However, Iron Man manages to get back the classified papers from The Actor and he in return impersonates The Actor impersonating Iron Man and rushes to meet the Red Barbarian. The general is tricked and believes that Iron Man is The Actor in disguise. When he demands for the blueprints, Iron Man replies that the suitcase (in which the blueprints are supposedly in) is booby-trapped and it can only be opened four hours later, and then leaves. Just then, The Actor returns. The Red Barbarian thinks he is the imposter and shoots him, before he can tell the general Iron Man's secret identity.
Clouseau's superior, Charles Dreyfus, was introduced in "A Shot in the Dark", wherein he held the rank of Commissioner. He is constantly driven to distraction by Clouseau's bungling and is eventually driven insane. In "The Return of the Pink Panther", Dreyfus holds the rank of Chief Inspector—but again becomes insane by the end of the film—which shows Dreyfus straitjacketed in a padded cell, writing "Kill Clouseau" on the wall (with his toes). As in "A Shot in the Dark", Dreyfus initially suffers a variety of personal injuries (involving his gun and a cigarette lighter of a similar shape and accidentally cutting off his thumb with a cigar cutter)---before accidentally strangling his therapist while fantasizing Clouseau's death, then trying to assassinate Clouseau with a sniper's rifle. In "The Pink Panther Strikes Again", Dreyfus is about to be released from an asylum after a complete recovery; however, within five minutes of Clouseau's arrival to speak to the board on Dreyfus' behalf, he suffers a variety of injuries, causing him to relapse. Thence Dreyfus escapes the asylum and kidnaps a scientist, forcing him to build a disintegrator ray later used to intimidate the rest of the world into attempting to assassinate Clouseau. Dreyfus appears to disintegrate at the end of "Strikes Again", but subsequently (and without any explanation) re-appears in "Revenge of the Pink Panther" and is reinstated Chief Inspector when Clouseau is mistakenly declared dead. Herbert Lom famously gave his character a pronounced tic which occurred under particular stress...and an accompanying childlike giggle when plotting Clouseau's murder.