Synonyms for displeased or Related words with displeased

disappointed              unimpressed              incensed              pleased              disgusted              offended              unhappy              dismayed              dissatisfied              annoyed              infuriated              preoccupied              flattered              embarrassed              outraged              amused              angered              enamored              delighted              resentful              disenchanted              disheartened              appalled              resented              gratified              saddened              indignant              puzzled              disillusioned              dismissive              discontented              infatuated              exasperated              wary              intrigued              grieved              enamoured              unconcerned              disconcerted              thrilled              ashamed              distrustful              unnerved              smitten              conflicted              astonished              reassured              insistent              amazed              chagrined             

Examples of "displeased"
Bertie's aunts frequently quote Sir Roderick when displeased with Bertie.
The Pathway is the second album by Officium Triste, released on Displeased Records in 2001.
In 2014, VGU said that fans were displeased with the game for its lack of multiplayer.
Screenwriter Holland was extremely displeased with Winner's handling of his script.
It is said that Abdullah was displeased by the finished product; in particular:
as he did not feel well. There he displeased Mieroslawski by seeking the
Reissued by Displeased Records in 2007 with 8 bonus tracks and a videoclip
Kazan was reportedly displeased with the resulting film and discouraged people from seeing it.
Reason is the third album by Officium Triste released in 2004 by Displeased Records.
In 1998, Displeased Records rereleased Ticket to Mayhem, which included their debut album, Power and Pain.
In 1998, Displeased Records rereleased "Power and Pain", which included their second album, "Ticket to Mayhem".
Giving Yourself Away is the fourth album by Officium Triste, released in 2007 by Displeased Records.
Reissued by Displeased Records in 2007 with 3 bonus tracks and a videoclip
I was in doubt for a long time whether it pleased or displeased me.
"The LP version by Displeased Records puts the bonus track between "Purgatorial Agony" and "Towards the Oblivion of Dreams".
Le Maistre's withdrawal from public affairs displeased Cardinal Richelieu, who was unhappy at the loss of a talented jurist.
Azlan made a statement saying that he was annoyed and displeased with Anwar Ibrahim stalling the judicial process.
The album was re-issued in 1998 on Displeased Records with two earlier demos as bonus tracks:
Hürrem argues with Mustafa, and Süleyman makes her apologize for it. Hürrem is displeased so they have an argument.
The Wildcats were displeased at their preseason ranking; during the SEC's preseason media day, Dunlap told the assembled journalists,