Synonyms for diversifolia or Related words with diversifolia

oblongifolia              corymbosa              ramosissima              squarrosa              latifolium              micrantha              parvifolium              pauciflora              sessiliflora              uniflora              multifida              sericea              salicifolia              bracteata              stricta              chamaesyce              ellipticum              auriculata              heterophylla              oppositifolia              microphylla              divaricata              verticillata              randia              paniculatum              floribundum              chrysantha              humifusa              glabrescens              gnaphalium              latifolia              obtusifolium              rotundifolia              microphyllum              laxiflora              incana              lanceolatum              spermacoce              stenophylla              uliginosa              speciosum              spathulata              cuneata              caffra              macrocarpa              heliotropium              thyrsiflora              grewia              umbellata              longiflora             

Examples of "diversifolia"
There are three "Potentilla diversifolia" varieties:
The larvae feed on "Tsuga diversifolia" and "Abies sachalinensis".
The inclusion of the disputed "U. coritana" in its parentage has affected the reception of "U." × "diversifolia". Richens, who rejected the former, ignored × "diversifolia" in his study of East Anglian elms.
"Athertonia diversifolia" is the floral emblem of the Atherton shire in north Queensland.
The larvae feed on "Cola diversifolia", "Cola nitida", "Cola acuminata" and "Dombeya" species.
Dampiera diversifolia is a subshrub in the family Goodeniaceae from the southwest of Western Australia.
Hyptis diversifolia is a species of flowering plant in the Lamiaceae family.
Neoregelia diversifolia is a species in the genus "Neoregelia". This species is endemic to Brazil.
Pulicaria diversifolia is a species of flowering plant in the Asteraceae family.
Garcinia diversifolia is a species of flowering plant in the Clusiaceae family. It is a tree endemic to Peninsular Malaysia.
While "T. diversifolia" does have moderate drought tolerance, the amount of rainfall that the African subtropics receives may not be enough to support the growing of this biomass. "T. diversifolia" currently grows in humid and semi humid areas in Africa. However, no evidence was found to suggest that it had been attempted in desert conditions.
"Orites diversifolia" flowers in spring between the months of October and November. Seed is shed from December to February as soon as follicles ripen and dehisce. The seeds of "Orites diversifolia" have one large terminal wing, suggesting their mode of dispersal is via wind.
Quercus diversifolia is an uncommon North American species of oak native to Mexico. It has been found in the States of Nuevo León, Durango, México, and Puebla.
Comarostaphylis diversifolia, known by the common names summer holly and California comarostaphylos, is a species of shrub in the heath family.
The larvae have been recorded on "Hybanthus prunifolius" in Panama. Other recorded host plants include "Acalypha diversifolia", "Chamaedorea", "Randia" and "Meliosma" species.
The larvae feed on "Cydista heterophylla", "Arrabidaea chica", "Arrabidaea molissima", "Crescentia alata", "Cydista diversifolia", "Tabebuia ochracea", "Macfadyena unguis-cati", "Cornutia grandifolia" and "Rehdera trinervis".
The vine has at times been considered close to, or even synonymous with, "H. cinnamomifolia" Hook., "H. pottsii" Traill., and "H. diversifolia" Blume.
Potentilla diversifolia is a species of flowering plant in the Rose Family (Rosaceae) known by the common names varileaf cinquefoil, different-leaved cinquefoil, and mountain meadow cinquefoil.
The larvae feed on "Populus" species (including "Populus diversifolia", "Populus euphratica" and "Populus pruinosa") and "Salix" species. They probably mine the leaves of their host plant.
"Orites diversifolia" is endemic to Tasmania. It is found in lowland rainforest and mixed forest across western Tasmania and in subalpine woodlands and coniferous heath in the south-west to 1300m. "Orites diversifolia" is common on the subalpine slopes of Mount Wellington and spreads through much of Mount Field National Park and the Southwest National Park. It is also found in the south of Bruny Island and around Mt Darwin in the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park.