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Examples of "djalma"
Djalma full name Djalma Henrique da Silva (born 24 November 1975) is a former Brazilian footballer,
Djalma Braume Manuel Abel Campos (born 30 May 1987), known simply as Djalma, is an Angolan footballer who plays for Greek club PAOK FC as a forward.
Act 2 opens at the palace of the emir Ismaël, where the happy Djalma and Farfalla arrive in a golden carriage. It emerges that Farfalla is in fact his daughter and can marry his nephew Djalma.
Son of former footballer Djalma Dias, Djalminha ("Little Djalma") was born in Santos, São Paulo, while his father was playing for Santos FC. However, he started his career at Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, based in Rio de Janeiro.
Campos' son, Djalma, was also a footballer. He too spent most of his career in Portugal.
Djalma Cavalcante (born 1957 in Brazil) was a Brazilian football player and coach.
In December 2014, after being released by "Lusa", Djalma joined Guarani-MG.
Idalina was introduced to Djalma by his sisters. After three years dating, the couple got married on December 19, 1964.
Djalma briefly played for Estrela da Amadora. In January 2002, he was back to Brazil for Sport Recife.
Djalma Pereira Dias Júnior (21 August 1939 – 1 May 1990) was a Brazilian footballer who played as a defender.
Djalma was signed by Gama on 26 July 2005 for the reminder of Campeonato Brasileiro Série B.
Marcos is one of the greatest idols of Palmeiras' fans, alongside Ademir da Guia and Djalma Santos.
In early 1982 a group of academics, union leaders such as Lula and Djalma, and intellectuals founded the Workers' Party, a left-wing party created during the military dictatorship and, in the upcoming elections in November, Djalma was elected to a seat in Congress in Brasilia. In 1988, he became the Vice-Mayor of São Bernardo do Campo.
Djalma falls in love with Adrienne, so the Jesuits use his passion to destroy him: they make Djalma think that Adrienne has been unfaithful, and he poisons himself. But he dies slowly and drinks only half the bottle, so there's plenty of time for Adrienne to find out what he's done and poison herself, too. ( c.f. Romeo and Juliet).
After a brief period at São Paulo-RS, Djalma joined Grêmio Novorizontino in January 2014. In July, he moved to Série D's Jacuipense.
The last tableau, in grandiose gardens, has Djalma awakening, and he finds himself surrounded by a swarm of butterflies, including his beloved Farfalla.
Nasley Airton Lisboa de Souza, commonly known as Djalma (born 15 April 1988), is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Confiança as an attacking midfielder.
Resting from a hunt Prince Djalma and his entourage enter. Everyone enjoys the food and wine, although the tutor thinks Farfalla that is the once kidnapped princess.
In 1957, Mayor Djalma Maranhão changed its name to Teatro Alberto Maranhão. In 1959 it was further renovated, and reopened on 24 March 1960.
In 1998 Federação Paulista de Futebol named him in the Paulista League all-time best XI, alongside players like Rivelino, Ademir da Guia, Pelé, Djalma Santos and others.