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List of Carl Zeiss Bessamatic/Ultramatic SLR DKL-mount lenses:
List of Voigtländer Vitessa T rangefinder DKL-mount lenses:
List of Zenit DKL-mount ("Байонет Ц") lenses:
List of Schneider-Kreuznach Retina DKL-mount lenses:
List of Voigtländer Bessamatic/Ultramatic SLR DKL-mount lenses:
Nintendo Life gave the Virtual Console re-release 9 out of 10, declaring it be "The best of the DKL trilogy and one of the best options for 3DS-owning platform fans."
On 14 September 1998 an Air Safaris Cessna 177B Cardinal, ZK-DKL, crashed in the Mount Cook area while on a scenic flight, killing the pilot and 2 passengers on board. It struck a snow-covered mountain face 11 km northeast of Mount Cook at 11.52 am. The aeroplane was damaged beyond repair. The cause of this accident has not been determined.
Author Tom Clancy came under fire for including the DKL Lifeguard, a long-range locator purported to be useful for detecting people, in critical passages of his novel "Rainbow Six". A study by Sandia National Laboratories proved the Lifeguard to be completely useless, and other designs by the Lifeguard's creator Thomas Afilani have been shown to contain numerous dummy components with no clear function.
He called the original writer Zulkarnain Zubairi write this poem, short story, and essays in various local and national media since 1987. Had become Chairman of the Board of Research and Development of Lampung Art Council (R & D DKL) (2005-2006). In 2010, with Y. Wibowo and Nugroho Este established the Publisher Pustaka Labrak, in addition to being editor Publisher BE Press, Bandar Lampung since 2007.
"Donkey Kong Land" has received generally positive reviews by critics. Victor Lucas of "The Electric Playground" gave it a 9 out of 10, praising the game's music and controls but noting graphic problems on the Game Boy. On release, "Famitsū" scored the game a 24 out of 40. "GamePro" summarized that "Regardless of reductions in scope and cutbacks on technical aspects, DKL has excellent characters sprites that really come alive, huge levels, and a tough challenge that means you won't complete this cart in one sitting." They added that it should be played with the Super Game Boy since "the green-and-white Game Boy monitor just doesn't do this game justice."
The Kel-Lite was a highly-durable, weather- and shock-resistant flashlight (UK: torch), made of heavy 6061-T6 aluminium (commonly known as "aircraft aluminium"). it was developed in 1968 by Donald Keller, a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, who had tired of the lack of durability of the generically available, cheap metal flashlights of the day. It was later (1973) redesigned by Norm Nelson into the modern version with a battery charger, adjustable lens, baton lights, push button switch, and in three sizes (DKL (D-Cell Kel-Lite), MKL (Medium Head Kel-Lite), SKL (Small Head Kel-Lite)), and penlight versions. The company merged in 1983 with Streamlight. Kel-Lite had manufacturing capability and Streamlight a marketing team.
The Voigtländer Ultramatic CS was the first 35mm leaf shutter SLR camera with TTL metering. The design of the not too heavy camera was derived from the Voigtländer viewfinder cameras, with rounded sides and a shifter on the front side as shutter release. Its designer was Walter Swarofsky. A specialty of the camera was that shutter speed and aperture were controlled by rings around the bayonet. The lenses had only a distance control ring. The bayonet is a variant of the Deckel bayonet (DKL) offering mechanical control of both, aperture release and automatic aperture setting. The Septon 1:2/50mm was a well regarded lens, and like the Skopagon 2.0/40mm it was a quite fast lens for that type of SLR. The exposure delay was only 1/50 sec.