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Examples of "dlux"
He began doing street art in Adelaide in 1998, working largely at first with stickers. Dlux only started doing stencils to mass-produce stickers. Dlux moved to Melbourne because of the street-art scene.
Dlux is the nom de plume of James Dodd (born 1977) is an Australian street artist, operating out of Melbourne.
Dlux is also featured in documentary film "Rash" (2005), which explores the cultural value of street art in Melbourne.
Although a powerful presence on the Melbourne streets, Dlux does a large amount of gallery work, and his stencils are always very politically motivated.
Featured artists include Chali 2na, Civilian Dest, Dominic Allen, Fers, Fliq (BurnCrew), Ha-Ha, Dlux AKA James Dodd, KAB 101, Kano, Lister, Meek, Miles Allinson, Prism, Psalm, Reka, Sixten, Snog, Sync, Tai Snaith, Tower, and Vexta.
When Vexta moved from her home town of Sydney to Melbourne in the mid-2000s, she was exposed to much of the thriving underbelly of the local stencil culture, which had been gaining notoriety for close to a decade. Studying and working alongside infamous stencil artists such as Dlux, Optic, Sync, and Ha-Ha, she began cutting and spraying her own stencils. Her colourful, neon-drenched images of fallen figures with feathered wings and her iconic kissing skeletons took over Melbourne's streets and cemented her place within the burgeoning scene, of which she is now a main figure.
In early 2003 they relocated to Los Angeles, where they started their own CD/DVD manufacturing and web/graphic design businesses with T.H.E. Menace and other Q-York Senate members. As a web/graphic design company they designed websites for 50 Cent, Remy Martin, Funkmaster Flex and other hip hop artists. As a CD/DVD manufacturing company they worked with top West Coast DJs, reproducing CDs for the likes of DJ Vice, Big Syphe & Eric Dlux, DJ Turbulence, and many others. Artistically, on the West Coast they collaborated with Far East Movement, Diamonique, Dirty Birdy, Andre Nickatina, Equipto, San Quinn, Bambu (of Native Guns), Roscoe Umali, among others. In California they have released five albums – "Step Ya Game Up Rapper Vol. 1" (2003), "Jose Rizal" (2005), "How The Q-West Was One" (2006) (a collaboration with DJ Lady Tribe), "Step Ya Game Up Rapper Vol. 2" (2006), and "L.I.F.E. – Lyrics Inspired From Experience" (2008).