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«Or donc",, Christine André, janvier
«Or donc",, Perrine Le Querrec, janvier
Adieu donc et bons jours aux tyrans de nos coeurs!
Mais où est donc Ornicar ?, or Mais où est donc Carnior ? is a French-language mnemonic that aids in remembering the language's coordinating conjunctions. The sentence translates as "Where, therefore, is Ornicar?", or "Where is Ornicar, then?", and is a phonetic juxtaposition of the words "mais" (but), "ou" (or), "et" (and), "donc" (therefore), "or" (however), "ni" (nor), and "car" (for).
"Quelle est donc cette femme ?" Et ne comprendra pas!
• Igor Wakhévitch - Donc... - Coffret 6CDs (Fractal 002) 1998
L'homme en tous ses travaux a donc pour but le ventre!
5. Duo: (Isabelle & Dorval) C'est donc ainsi qu'on me soupconne; in F.
René Descartes famously and succinctly proposed: "Cogito ergo sum" (French: ""Je pense donc je suis""; English: ""I think, therefore I am"")
She published both scientific articles and poetry. Poetry collections included "L'Univers est, donc je suis" (1998), "Mémoires de la Terre" (1999), "Les Heures sable" (2001), "La Saga cosmique" (2003) and "Hommage aux origines de la vie" (2006).
In November 2016, she released her 15th album "Dignes, dingues, donc...", which debuted at number 3 on the French album charts. "Et je l'appelle encore" was the first single released.
Mais ou et donc Ornicar is a 1979 French drama film directed by Bertrand Van Effenterre. The film stars Geraldine Chaplin and Brigitte Fossey. It was released in France on 28 February, 1979.
L’année –133 connaît donc une grave crise politique et sociale en particulier dans le domaine agraire. En effet les petits paysans n’ont plus de terre et les grands domaines ne sont pas cultivés.
Feydeau's one-act farce "Mais n'te promène donc pas toute nue !", translated by Olivier Bernier as "Please don't walk around in the nude" was produced at Harvard in 1960. It is the funniest play ever written.
Though the film is not a musical, it won André Previn an Academy Award for Best Score—Adaptation or Treatment. There is also a scene in the film, in which Shirley MacLaine exclaims "Dis-donc!" whilst dancing on a table, which appears to be a deliberate tribute to the musical from which the film is derived.
The "Discourse on The Method" is best known as the source of the famous quotation ""Je pense, donc je suis"" ("I think, therefore I am"), which occurs in Part IV of the work. (The similar statement in Latin, "Cogito ergo sum", is found in Part I, §7 of "Principles of Philosophy".)
Bred in Kentucky by the very prominent horseman Harry Payne Whitney, she was a daughter of the French stakes winner Dis Donc, a son of the French Champion Sire Sardanapale. She was out of the mare Flyatit, a daughter of U.S. Racing Hall of Fame inductee Peter Pan.
Gauthier started to record for a new record company, Gamma, a company that was in the process of recording a new generation of performers, such as Louise Forestier, and Robert Charlebois, bringing Gauthier to the awareness of a new generation. Gauthier performed with this outing of new talent at Expo 67. He appeared in the film "Où êtes-vous donc? in 1968.
En 2004, Patrick Martinet avais expliqué les problèmes qui existaient déja en raison de la fermeture de CFI-TV, le principal client. Cela a fait qu’il y avait environ 50% en moins sur les droits de diffusion. Il fallait donc faire un effort cette fois-ci avant de trouver un système qui permettrait de redémarrer correctement.