Synonyms for dongyun or Related words with dongyun

keum              jinlee              sookim              soolee              mankim              heepark              kyoo              youngoh              jiseok              jinpark              kyunga              beomgyun              jinkim              bongkim              eunkim              chulpark              yootaek              wooklee              sooklee              wookim              okkim              sunkim              junkim              heelee              daeseong              hopark              younglee              sukhee              gwangseop              huikim              hwakim              seonil              myong              haecheol              kikim              jeungsan              huiyu              taik              zhaozhi              jungkim              hyunkim              seungyun              jinho              ryekim              bokkim              kyong              sanghun              jinhee              chanthalangsy              ilkim             

Examples of "dongyun"
"(Korean: 뮤지컬; Starring: Kim Jaewook, Yu Minsang, Shin Bongseon, Noh Ujin, Lee Dongyun)"
Kang Dongyun (born January 23, 1989) is a professional Go player.
"(Korean: 어른들을 위한 동화; Starring: Kim Kyunga, Lee Dongyun, Heo Min, Jeong Beomgyun, Lee Sangho)"
"(Korean: 해보고 싶었습니다, Starring: Lee Dongyun, Im Uil, Im Jonghyeok, Kim Jiho, Hong Seonghyeon)"
"(Korean: 친한친구; Starring: Park Seongkwang, Kim Daeseong, Lee Dongyun, Jeong Haecheol)"
"(Korean: 렛잇비; Starring: Song Pilgeun, Park Eunyeong, Lee Dongyun, Noh Ujin)"
"(Korean: 진지록; Starring: Lee Dongyun, Lee Sejin, Jeong Myeonghun, Kim Junho, Kim Janggun, Kim Taewon)"
"(Korean: 징글 정글; Starring: Yu Minsang, Lee Dongyun, Kim Hyeseon, Ryu Geunji, Song Byeongcheol, Kim Daehui, An Ilgwon)"
"(Korean: 감수성; Starring: Kim Junho, Kim Daehui, Kwon Jaekwan, Lee Dongyun, Kim Yeongmin, Kim Jeonghun, Kim Jiho)"
"(Korean: 깐죽거리 잔혹사; Starring: Lee Dongyun, Heo Min, Ryu Jeongnam, An Ilgwon, Jo Yunho, Lee Seongdong, Lee Changho)"
"(Korean: 왕해; Starring: Lee Gwangseop, Lee Dongyun, Kim Daeseong, Ryu Geunil, Lee Seungyun, Yang Seonil, Jeong Myeonghun, Shin Goeun)"
"(Korean: 전설의 레전드; Starring: Seo Taehun, Lee Dongyun, Shin Bora → Kim Nahee, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin, Kim Daeseong, Yu Minsang | Previous Appearance: Kim Taewon)"
"(Korean: 알포인트 (R-Point); Starring: Lee Dongyun, Lee Sejin, Jeong Myeonghun, Lee Suji, Yun Hanmin | Previous Appearances: Kim Janggun, Kim Jimin)"
"(Korean: 피곤한 가족; Starring: Kim Jaewook, Kim Minkyeong, Lee Sangmin, Lee Sangho, Kim Daehui, Lee Dongyun → Lee Seungyun, Kim Taewon, Park Soyeong → Kim Hyeseon, Heo Min)"
"(Korean: 핑크 레이디; Starring: Kim Janggun, Jo Seunghui, Ryu Geunji, Kwon Jaekwan, Lee Dongyun, An Somi, Kim Huiwon, Kim Hyeseon, Kim Yeonghui, Hong Nayeong | Voice acting: An Somi, Heo Min)"
Jiaxi was a part of the Chinese team that participated in the 10th Nongshim Cup. Jiaxi defeated Heo Yeongho, Yamashita Keigo, Yun Junsang, and Kono Rin before losing to Kang Dongyun. China eventually lost when their final player, Gu Li, lost to Lee Sedol.
Parody of the famous Korean horror movie R-Point. About a platoon which is starting to go crazy after 134 days of isolation. Lee Dongyun and Lee Sejin as the only normal soldiers. Kim Janggun as a soldier who is going crazy. Jeong Myeonghun as an elite medical crew who can't remember things. Kim Jimin as a crazy ghost. Yun Hanmin as a colonel who easily gives up. Lee Suji as a seller.
Musical comedy about school life. The corner starts with A Pink's "No No No", Shin Bora played Shin Pulip then was replaced on 2013.12.29 by Kim Nahee as Han Iseul. Lee Dongyun played Yoon Daeyeob the class president, Seo Taehun played Je Galmin the handsome student, Lee Sangho and Lee Sangmin played the mysterious twins. Kim Daeseong played Na Aeri the school bully (female student) while Yu Minsang played her follower.
All 24 players play through preliminaries, until 8 players with the best record are given automatic advancement to the second round. The other 16 play against each other in the first round. The format is a single knockout, with 5.5 komi. The time limit is 3 hours' thinking time, and the winner's purse is 15,000,000 Yen ($142,000). Up until this point, only three people have ever defended their title, Lee Sedol, Cho Hunhyun and Takemiya Masaki. Kang Dongyun was the defending Champion, but lost in the 2010 playoffs in the quarter-finals to Qiu Jun by half a point with the Black stones. The other three semi-finalists are Lee Sedol, Kong Jie and Piao Wenyao. The semifinal and final would be held on the 3rd and 5 July.
About a father and daughter who refuse to pay business protection money and use martial arts to evict the bad guys. A play on the movie "Once Upon a Time in High School", whose original transliterated title is "Maljukgeori Street's Cruel History". On 6.April.2014, Lee Seongdong joined the skit. On 7.Sep.2014, DJ DOC's Kim Changryeol appeared as a guest for Chuseok special. On 14.Sep.2014, "The Big World" members appeared in the skit. On 21.Sep.2014, Lee Changho joined the skit. On 28.Sep.2014, Jo Yunho announced that Lee Dongyun will become a father. On 2.Nov.2014, Taekwondo Demonstration Team appeared as special guests. On 9.Nov.2014, four vocalists (Kim Gyeonghun, Jo Wonil, Kim Yeongjae, Jeon Yeongju) appeared as special guests.