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Examples of "dorothee"
Dorothee Baer-Bogenschütz, journalist and art historian
Dorothee Bär, grew up in Ebelsbach, Landkreis Haßberge where she still lives.
"Moralische Fantasien - Kunst und Klima, (cur. by Dorothee Messmer u. Raimar Stange)", Kunstmuseum Thurgau
Dorothee Wilms (October 11, 1929 in Grevenbroich) is a German politician.
He married Charlotte Münchhausen in 1922. They had two daughters, Kathrin and Dorothee.
In child and youth courses Dorothee Rätsch started early, to engage with the visual arts.
Dorothee is married to Dr. Oliver Bär and has two daughters and a son.
Dorothee Oberlinger (born September 2, 1969) is a German recorder player and professor.
Dorothee Island’s southern and western sides fall to water depths greater than within from its shoreline.
The representative elected in 2013 is Dorothee Bär, who was elected for the first time in 2009.
Peter Kooy and Dorothee Mields became known for their soloist performances of Bach's vocal music such as his Passions.
Dorothee Mields (born 15 April 1971) is a German soprano concert singer of Baroque and contemporary music.
Dorothee Bauer (born 11 June 1983) is a German sport shooter who competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics.
Today Dorothee Rätsch lives and works in Passentin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), where they 1994-1999 built up the Slavic Village Passentin, as an authentic early medieval place of learning and experience (Idea, concept planning and oversee the construction: Dorothee Raetsch). Always it was especially important for them to work with children and young people, as course leader.
That night, Anton's parents have to go out again. As his usual sitter is ill, she sends over her daughter Effie Perkins. Rüdiger scares Effie who runs out of the house. Rüdiger takes Anton to his crypt. At the cemetery, they can just escape from Geiermeier. Once in the crypt, aunt Dorothee/Hildegard wakes up. Anton hides in Rüdiger's coffin, although Dorothee/Hildegard can smell human flesh and suspects Rüdiger to have hidden a human in his coffin. Rüdiger distracts aunt Dorothee/Hildegard so Anton can escape.
As chamber music pianist he has been playing with the soprano Dorothee Jansen in the Jansen-Grier-Duo since their inaugural recital in summer 2000.
Posie Graeme-Evans created the series, as well as being one of the executive producers. The other executive producers were Dorothee Pinfold and Ian Fairweather.
Geologically, Dorothee Island and the other parts of the Pearson Isles are the summits of an inselberg partially concealed by sea level rise.
The group consists of the following islands in order of increasing distance from the Australian continental coastline - Pearson Island, Veteran Isles and Dorothee Island.
Dorothee Island was formed along with the rest of the Pearson Isles about 10,500 years ago following the rise of sea levels at the start of the Holocene.