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malene              dorte              gitte              rikke              vibeke              cathrine              josefin              merete              kjersti              tonje              bente              birgitte              birthe              lisbet              turid              wenche              kirsti              agneta              annelie              ingvild              hanne              berit              stina              mette              maiken              birgitta              pernille              valborg              josefine              cecilie              kajsa              halvard              gunilla              majken              barbro              vigdis              ylva              emelie              kerstin              nicoline              helle              gunhild              vinther              torleif              rigmor              elsebeth              anette              fredrikke              sinikka              jensine             

Examples of "dorthe"
Reiss and his wife Dorthe make their home in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Other notable emerging Danish architectural practices include Aart, Dorthe Mandrup Architects and NORD Architects.
Dorthe Holm (born July 3, 1972) is a Danish curler from Kastrup.
Dorthe Pedersen (born 5 November 1977 in Nykøbing Falster) is a Danish rower.
Team: Dorthe Holm, Denise Dupont, Lene Nielsen, Malene Krause and Maria Poulsen (alternate)
The Danish team consisted of the following five women: Denise Dupont, Dorthe Holm, Malene Krause, Lene Nielsen and Maria Poulsen.
In March 2017 Dorthe Carlsen was appointed director of the paper, replacing Svein Gilbu in the post.
Patrick Hougaard was born in Fredericia to parents Søren and Dorthe. He has two brothers Casper and Nicklas.
Dorthe Larsen (born ) was a female Danish football goalkeeper. She was part of the Denmark women's national football team.
On 2 September 1662 Dorthe Lauritzdotter was brought in for questioning at the Vardøhus fortress. She had been accused once before, but acquitted, in 1657. Lauritz Braas said that two of his servants, who had recently died, had claimed to be bewitched by her. Four witches led by Dorthe in the shape of a dove, an eagle, a crow and a swan were to have opened their "wind-knots" over the sea to make a boat sink, but the plot supposedly failed because the crew had prayed to God. Dorthe was burned at the stake on 6 November 1662 with two other women, soon followed by another two.
Hush (regular title) is a Danish pop duo composing and performing music since 1997. The duo consists of singer Dorthe Gerlach and guitarist Michael Hartmann.
The first Danish season of "Toppen af Poppen" included the following artists: Erann DD, Lars H.U.G., Szhirley, Dorthe Kollo, Anna David and Jokeren.
Dorthe Skappel (born 18 December 1962) is a Norwegian television personality, journalist, celebutante and former model, probably best known for hosting "God kveld, Norge!" and "Gullruten" on TV2.
In 1976, along with Dorthe, Sonny Worthing, Catherine Ferry, Guru-Guru and the Bourbon Skiffle Company, they played at the finale of a sales convention in Kiel, Germany.
Vilhelmine Else Kathrine Dorthe Chemnitz (née Josefsen, 28 June 1894, Qaqortoq – 1 December 1978, Nuuk) was a Greenlandic politician, and a champion of Greenlandic women's education.
On 5 January 2010 TV 2 reported that Maria Skappel gave birth to a daughter, culminating in Dorthe Skappel becoming a grandmother at the age of 47.
Anne Dorthe Tanderup (born April 24, 1972 in Aarhus, Denmark) is a former professional Danish team handball player, Olympic and World Champion.
Since 1981, Haugen Sørensen has lived with his wife, the ceramist Dorthe Krabbe, near Malaga in Spain. Now in his 80s, he is still an active artist.
Pett-Ridge, Jennifer, Dorthe Petersen, Erin Nuccio, Mary Firestone. 2013. Influence of oxic/anoxic fluctuations on ammonia oxidizers and nitrification potential in a wet tropical soil. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 85:179-194.
Wärst du doch in Düsseldorf geblieben ("If only you had stayed in Düsseldorf") is a song written by Georg Buschor and and made famous by a 1968 recording by Dorthe Kollo.