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Examples of "dosbox_emulator"
The DOSBox emulator is used on newer computers to allow the game to slow down enough to be playable.
In December 2014, the Internet Archive launched a DOSBox emulator compiled in Emscripten to provide browser-based access to thousands of archived MS-DOS and PC programs
Various versions of Turbo Assembler, spanning from version 1.0 through 5.0, have been reported to run on the DOSBOX emulator, which emulates DOS 5.0.
It is playable in DOSBox emulator since 0.61 version over Linux and other Unix-like operating systems, Windows XP and subsequent versions and Mac OS X.
In September 2006, Vivendi Games released "Police Quest Collection: Step Behind the Badge", including the first four "Police Quest" games, minus the original AGI version of "PQ1". The package included the DOSBox emulator for compatibility with Windows XP.
The game DVD also includes complete and patched versions of standalone "Battlecruiser" games (except "Battlecruiser Millennium Gold"), Game Builder System (GBS), which allows user created scenarios, and the source to all scenarios included in the game. The "Battlecruiser 3000AD" games are supported via the included DOSBOX emulator.
In January 2012, the DOS version of "Syndicate" was re-released, packaged with pre-configured versions of the DOSBox emulator for both OS X and modern versions of Windows. In 2015, Syndicate was available for free on EA's Origin, it is now $4.99.
"DaggerfallSetup" is a community-made "Daggerfall" installer for modern Windows versions. The aim of this project is to install and easily run a fully patched "Daggerfall" on a modern Windows operating system under usage of the DOSBox emulator. This game installer setup contains many official and unofficial patches and also fan translations for several languages, including French, Russian, Spanish, and German.
The "Blood" franchise was continued with two official expansion packs titled "Plasma Pak" (developed by Monolith) and "Cryptic Passage" (developed by Sunstorm Interactive). Later, a sequel titled "" was released on October 31, 1998. The game was released on Steam along with its two expansion packs on July 14, 2014, utilizing the DOSBox emulator to run on modern systems. The game also served as a principal inspiration for the manhwa "Priest".
WordStar version 3.x used the MS-DOS File control block (FCB) interface, an early data structure for file input/output which was based closely on CP/M's file input/output functions. The provision of the FCB interface was intended to simplify the porting of (assembly language) programs from CP/M to (the then-new) MS-DOS. When MS-DOS adopted the Unix-like file interface of file handles, FCBs became a legacy interface supported for backward compatibility. Because FCB compatibility has not been maintained, WordStar 3.x will not function properly on modern versions of Windows. In particular, WordStar 3.x cannot save files. One work-around is to use the DOSEMU emulator on Linux, which correctly implements the FCB interface. (The DOSBox emulator does not, even on Linux.) WordStar 4.0 does not have this problem because it uses the newer MS-DOS interface for input/output. (OS/2 can run WordStar in a DOS session.)