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applescript              coldfusion              visualage              powerbuilder              powershell              jruby              nodejs              msxml              netbeans              jython              jbuilder              jdeveloper              cakephp              javafx              biztalk              xcode              jboss              xpcom              angularjs              streaminsight              winrt              activemq              jquery              glibc              jdk              winsock              jdom              isapi              ironpython              winforms              npapi              snobol              autoit              myapp              microedition              dreamweaver              weblogic              netweaver              webservices              opendoc              mxml              visualstudio              blazeds              zend              symfony              jre              gnustep              webmethods              openoffice              webapp             

Examples of "dotnet"
Part of DotNet ArtMotion and Vala TV (Telecom of Kosovo):
AscentialTest provides automated testing support for the following application types including MS Windows, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Java, dotNet (Winforms and WPF), terminals, Siebel and PowerBuilder.
GNAT for dotNET is a GNAT version that compiles from the Ada programming language to Common Language Infrastructure for the .NET Framework and the free and open source implementations Mono and Portable.NET.
Languages such as Java and .NET Framework are not considered to provide variable-length arrays, because all array objects in those languages are logically allocated on the heap, and therefore do not have automatic storage duration for arrays. (Java and dotNet compilers can optimize these heap allocations to actually be on the stack where possible.)
On Windows, Transmission-Qt can be built with MinGW, the daemon and console tools can be built with Cygwin, also there are two third-party GUIs: transmission-remote-dotnet and Transmission Remote GUI, as well as unofficial full builds of Transmission's Qt Client., There is also an unofficial full build of Transmission daemon which can be run as a Windows service. This same unofficial full build of Transmission daemon running as a Windows service can be used for direct streaming of the downloading file(s).
Based on his work on the No Nukes concerts, which were the subject of a 1980 documentary, Sexton was pursued as a music supervisor for television and film. In 1984, he was named vice president of music at Columbia TriStar Pictures and in 1987, with Becky Mancuso-Winding, he co-founded the film music company Magstripe Entertainment. In addition to working with Winding, he served as a music supervisor and consultant for Fox, Disney, and producer Jerry Weintraub. He went on to co-found Big Screen Records (with Irving Azoff's of Giant Records) and launch Track Factory (with Sidney Sheinberg). In 2000, he was named president of Digital On-Demand/Red DotNet, which was later acquired by Alliance Entertainment.