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Examples of "dotternhausen"
Dotternhausen is a town in the Zollernalbkreis district, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
In Germany shale oil extraction started at the Dotternhausen cement factory in 1940. Later the Operation Desert ("Unternehmen Wüste") was launched for the oil extraction from Swabian Alb oil shale deposits (Posidonia Shale). However, out of ten planned shale-oil extraction plants only four became operational. The used modified "in-situ" process was primitive with extremely low oil recovery and it was hard to control.
After serving for five months as curate at Sasbach, and for a year as assistant at Freiburg Cathedral, he returned to Hohenzollern, and, from 1835 to 1838, was curate at Steinhofen near Hechingen. In 1838 he obtained civic rights in Württemberg, and as a priest of the Diocese of Rottenburg, he was pastor first in Dotternhausen; 31 January 1839, at ; 11 May 1841, at ; from 1851 also school inspector in Ehingen.
An iron ring from Vorwohlde (Kr. Grafschaft Diepholz, Germany) dating to the 15th century BC is the earliest evidence of iron in Central Europe. During the late Bronze Age, Iron was used to decorate the hilts of swords (Schwäbisch-Hall-Gailenkirchen, Unterkrumbach, Kr. Hersbruck) and knives (Dotternhausen, Plettenberg, Germany) and pins. The use of iron for weapons and domestic items in Europe only started in the following Hallstatt culture. The widespread use of iron for tools only occurred in the late Iron Age La Tène culture.
Although the Estonian, Russian and Chinese oil shale industries continued to grow after World War II, most other countries abandoned their projects due to high processing costs and the availability of cheaper petroleum. The shale oil extraction in Australia was discontinued in 1952 due to ceasing of government funding, in France in 1957, in Britain and South Africa in 1962, and in Sweden and Spain in 1966. In Germany only Rohrbach Zement (now part of Holcim) in Dotternhausen continued using oil shale for cement, power and thermal energy production.
Thermal power plants which use oil shale as a fuel mostly employ two types of combustion methods. The traditional method is "Pulverized combustion" (PC) which is used in the older units of oil shale-fired power plants in Estonia, while the more advanced method is "Fluidized bed combustion" (FBC), which is used in the Holcim cement factory in Dotternhausen, Germany, and was used in the Mishor Rotem power plant in Israel. The main FBC technologies are "Bubbling fluidized bed combustion" (BFBC) and "Circulating fluidized bed combustion" (CFBC).
Deer are represented in heraldry by the "stag" or "hart", or less often, by the "hind", and the "brocket" (a young stag up to two years), respectively. Stag's heads and antlers also appear as charges. The old name for deer was simply cerf, and it is chiefly the head that appears on the ancient arms. Examples of deer in coats of arms can be found in the arms of Hertfordshire, England, and its county town of Hertford; both are examples of canting arms. A deer appears on the arms of the Israeli Postal Authority (see ). Coats of arms based on deer include those of Dotternhausen, Thierachern, Friolzheim, Bauen, Albstadt, and Dassel in Germany; of the Earls Bathurst in England; of Balakhna, Russia; of Åland, Finland; of Gjemnes, Hitra, Hjartdal, Rendalen and Voss in Norway; of Jelenia Góra, Poland; of Umeå, Sweden; of Cervera, Catalonia; of Northern Ireland; and of Chile.