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Examples of "douglass_dumbrille"
Douglass Dumbrille died of a heart attack on April 2, 1974 in Woodland Hills, California.
In 1938, the Gleeson Jail was featured in the Western film "The Mysterious Rider", starring Douglass Dumbrille.
You May Be Next is a 1936 American crime film directed by Albert S. Rogell and starring Ann Sothern, Lloyd Nolan and Douglass Dumbrille.
End of the Trail is a 1936 American western film directed by Erle C. Kenton and starring Jack Holt, Louise Henry and Douglass Dumbrille.
The movie's supporting cast featured Inger Stevens, Henry Hull, E. G. Marshall, Lorne Greene, Ted de Corsia, Ed Hinton and Douglass Dumbrille.
Douglass Dumbrille (October 13, 1889 – April 2, 1974) was a Canadian actor and one of the Canadian pioneers in early Hollywood.
The film stars Fredric March as Lafitte, Franciska Gaal and Akim Tamiroff with Margot Grahame, Walter Brennan, Ian Keith, Spring Byington, Douglass Dumbrille, Beulah Bondi and Anthony Quinn in supporting roles.
The Public Menace is a 1935 American black-and-white romantic drama film starring Jean Arthur, George Murphy and Douglass Dumbrille. A newspaper reporter keeps losing and regaining his job due to a manicurist he is persuaded to marry.
During the Civil War, Thad Goodwin (Charles Waldron) of Elmtree Farm, a local horse breeder resists Capt. John Dillon (Douglass Dumbrille) and a company of Union soldiers confiscating his prize horses. He is killed by Dillon and his youngest son Peter (Bobs Watson) cries at the soldiers riding away with the horses.
Jealousy spreads, infecting Valerie, who falsely accuses Alex of making advances to Nina, her niece. Arguments ensue, ending with Valerie fainting and Alex leaving in anger. Following a night's sleep, Alex returns to find that Valerie has disappeared. Police Inspector Brant (Douglass Dumbrille) suspects that Valerie has been murdered, believing Alex to be the last person to have seen Valerie alive.
Dragnet is a 1947 American crime film directed by Leslie Goodwins and starring Henry Wilcoxon, Mary Brian, Douglass Dumbrille, Virginia Dale, Don C. Harvey, and Ralph Dunn. The screenplay was written by Barbara Worth and Harry Essex. The original music score was composed by Irving Gertz. It is also known as Dark Bullet and A Shot in the Dark.
Murder Among Friends is a 1941 American mystery film directed by Ray McCarey and written by John Larkin. The film stars Marjorie Weaver, John Hubbard, Cobina Wright, Mona Barrie, Douglass Dumbrille and Sidney Blackmer. The film was released on February 28, 1941, by 20th Century Fox.
The Catman of Paris is a 1946 American horror film directed by Lesley Selander and written by Sherman L. Lowe. The film stars Carl Esmond, Lenore Aubert, Adele Mara, Douglass Dumbrille, Gerald Mohr and Fritz Feld. The film was released on April 20, 1946, by Republic Pictures.
"The Big Store" co-starred singer Tony Martin and Virginia Grey as the love interests, as well as long time Marx Brothers foil, Margaret Dumont in her seventh and final film with the Marxes. The villain was portrayed by Douglass Dumbrille, who had played a similar role in "A Day at the Races".
Sky Movies wrote, "nostalgia fans will catch their breath at a list of suspects that includes some of Hollywood's most distinctive character actors of the day: Louis Calhern, Shepperd Strudwick, Dwight Frye, Douglass Dumbrille, Thurston Hall, George Zucco and Horace MacMahon among them."
Jungle Woman is a 1944 horror film released by Universal Pictures and starring Acquanetta, Evelyn Ankers, J. Carrol Naish, Samuel S. Hinds, Lois Collier, Milburn Stone, and Douglass Dumbrille. This is a sequel to "Captive Wild Woman" and was followed by "The Jungle Captive".
False Colors is a 1943 American Western film directed by George Archainbaud and written by Morton Grant, Michael Wilson and Norman Houston. The film stars William Boyd, Andy Clyde, Jimmy Rogers, Douglass Dumbrille, Tom Seidel, Claudia Drake and Robert Mitchum. The film was released on November 5, 1943, by United Artists.
Tell No Tales is a 1939 American crime film directed by Leslie Fenton and written by Lionel Houser. The film stars Melvyn Douglas, Louise Platt, Gene Lockhart, Douglass Dumbrille, Florence George and Halliwell Hobbes. The film was released on May 12, 1939, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
Sharpshooters is a 1938 American adventure film directed by James Tinling and written by Robert Ellis and Helen Logan. The film stars Brian Donlevy, Lynn Bari, Wally Vernon, John 'Dusty' King, Douglass Dumbrille and C. Henry Gordon. The film was released on November 15, 1938, by 20th Century Fox.
She returns home to Palm Beach, Florida, where soon Peter shows up to depose showgirl Ginger Simmons (Marie McDonald) for his defense of gangster George Ellerby (Douglass Dumbrille). In a fit of jealousy at spotting her ex-husband with another woman, Marsha picks up Alexander Darvac (Gig Young) in a bar and accompanies him to a gambling spot, which is raided.