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Examples of "douwsma"
Douwsma is appeared in series 5 of the Dutch reality television program "De beste zangers van Nederland" in February 2013.
Team members: Christy Douwsma, Mary Etuangat, Barbara Holmes, Kim Hurley, Tracy MacMillan, Ben McCarl, Lynne McCurdy (Team Leader), Pam Millett, Heather Moffett, Sandra Roberts, Ningeola Tiglik, David Webber
In May 2014, Douwsma was the spokesperson for The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest, announcing the results of the country's public and jury votes.
In December 2012, it was announced that Douwsma would release a joint album with Monique Smit in early 2013 and tour in the Netherlands and Belgium.
All three shows were broadcast by Nederland 1 and satellite channel BVN, with commentary provided by Cornald Maas and Jan Smit. The Dutch spokesperson, who announced the Dutch votes during the final, was Tim Douwsma.
Tim Douwsma (born in Drachten, Friesland, Netherlands on 4 November 1987) is a Dutch singer. In 2007, he participated in the talent show "So You Wanna Be a Popstar" on Dutch television channel SBS 6.
A fifth season of the series has been announced to be hosted again by Jan Smit. The participating Dutch artists are tipped to be: Simone Kleinsma, Charly Luske, Rob de Nijs, Angela Groothuizen, Tim Douwsma, Bastiaan Ragas and Raffaëla Paton
As of 2007 the song is still being covered in all genres and it has achieved somewhat of a cult/nostalgia status in several Spanish-speaking countries, as a symbol of a generation. The song was remade in 2008 in German, by Diana Sorbello as "Das ist, weil ich dich liebe" and in 2011, in Dutch, by Monique Smit and Tim Douwsma as "Eén zomeravond met jou".