Synonyms for dovessi or Related words with dovessi

opponendo              avendo              dicendo              stavamo              ulstai              stavate              eorvm              ciave              mezukenos              tarakbharti              pharro              koitina              creyendo              satunggal              kajti              bhru              vahay              uiriaskum              hlave              hamtran              stavo              paluru              houvesse              mandahasam              essendo              kalih              bizge              ahattonnia              sentito              eravate              hirananda              koyava              nancere              kelberi              turumokum              hallelot              lavdara              seritu              haata              burzu              kacche              sampulu              appalu              tommidi              vanto              leconi              kaalal              pravima              sabadu              expositis             

Examples of "dovessi"
In 1970, Fo and Rame began their third theatre group, "Collettivo Teatrale "La Comune"" with the musician Paolo Ciarchi and the administrator Nanni Ricordi. They based themselves at an abandoned workshop ("capannone") in via Colletta in a working-class suburb of Milan for three years, converting it into a sort of community centre and producing plays based on improvisation about contemporary issues. One such play was "Vorrei morire stasera se dovessi pensare che non è servito a niente" ("I'd Rather Die Tonight If I Had To Think It Had All Been In Vain"). Inspired by the Black September, with the title derived from a Renata Viganò poem, thousands of people came to see it.