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matviychuk              dovhan              dmytrenko              mikalai              shchedov              sydorenko              krivov              porkhomovskiy              iurii              prokopenko              vasylyovych              danylchenko              kudinov              starodubtsev              kaydash              bahdanovich              serhiyovych              slobodenyuk              prigoda              yadviha              serdyuk              kamnev              osovych              selevko              andrii              yuriyovych              lytvynenko              pyatnytsya              olexiy              aliaksei              pylypenko              oleksii              shtyl              yerokhin              volnov              agashkov              trachuk              buryak              voiko              sytnyk              shturbabin              semenovych              izotov              gorbenko              gennadyevich              milchev              kuznyetsov              ostrovskyy              valeryevich              anatoliyovych             

Examples of "dovhal"
Anatoliy Dovhal (complete name Anatoliy Ivanovych Dovhal'; original name: Анатолій Іванович Довгаль) (born 29 January 1976) is a Ukrainian sprinter, who specializes in the 100 metres.
Yuliya Vitaliïvna Dovhal (; born June 2, 1983 in Kirovohrad) is a Ukrainian weightlifter.
Dovhal represented Ukraine at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, where she competed for the women's super heavyweight category (+75 kg), along with her compatriot Olha Korobka, who eventually won the silver medal. Dovhal placed seventh in this event, as she successfully lifted 118 kg in the single-motion snatch, and hoisted 140 kg in the two-part, shoulder-to-overhead clean and jerk, for a total of 258 kg.
As of the early 1960s, Emil Wolynec was the acting chairman of the party, Panas Fedenko the general secretary and Bohdan Fedenko the youth secretary. Other executive committee members of the party were Antin Czerneckyj, Iwan Luczyszyn and Spyrydon Dovhal. The party had its headquarters in London. It published the monthly "Nashe Slovo" from London with Panas Fedenko as its editor. The party also issued the quarterly "Vilna Ukraina" from Detroit, with Mykola Nahirniak as its editor and Volodymyr Lysyj as its director. "Vilna Ukraina" and "Nashe Slovo" each had a circulation of around 1,000. Furthermore, there was a weekly newspaper ("Narodna Volya") published from Scranton which was politically close to the party.