Synonyms for downlighting or Related words with downlighting

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Examples of "downlighting"
Garden lighting can be an important aspect of garden design. In most cases, various types of lighting techniques may be classified and defined by heights: safety lighting, uplighting, and downlighting. Safety lighting is the most practical application. However, it is more important to determine the type of lamps and fittings needed to create the desired effects. Light regulates three major plant processes: photosynthesis, phototropism, and photoperiodism.
Designed by Carlos Fernandez Casado, the bridge has a main span of 91.2 metres in a "Lohse Arch", with the peaks of the twin arches connected at the crown. These brace one another, resulting in greater structural rigidity. The deck is connected to the arches with vertical members, which splay outwards at an increasing angle towards the centre of the span. The sweeping arches are decorated with coloured Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting, while the deck is illuminated with white downlighting. Pedestrians are protected from the prevailing winds by glass sides, coloured blue at foot level and tapering in, following the angle of the arches.
The lower portion of the front wall was tiled with deep-green enamel finish ceramic tiles, which also wrapped around the Barker Street corner. The profile of the tiled section was such that the engaged piers of the original facade were distinguishable. Five double glass doors led into a wide set of stairs up to the foyer. The opening, which was the same proportions as that of the Astor, was surmounted by a timber panelled bulkhead with downlighting. On each side of the entry doors, three glass display cabinets were set into the tiled walls with posters of current and forthcoming attractions. A cantilevered awning lined alternately with aluminium strips and fluorescent lighting projected over the street. This lighting effect was intended to assist the transition from the dark interior of the foyer to the brightness of the street.