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verdal              sunndal              rindal              surnadal              orkdal              ulefoss              bamble              vinstra              salangen              tynset              stathelle              malvik              stryn              langesund              jevnaker              volda              orkanger              kvinesdal              ringebu              follebu              ringsaker              sykkylven              nesodden              melhus              hareid              skotfoss              brumunddal              nedre              stranda              slemmestad              ballangen              hokksund              dalane              ytre              namdalseid              ullern              aurskog              skedsmo              kopervik              evje              gvarv              halsa              hurdal              sortland              kvinnherad              oppdal              aurdal              nannestad              nittedal              billag             

Examples of "drangedal"
Drangedal Idrettslag is a Norwegian sports club from Drangedal, Telemark. It has sections for association football, team handball, Nordic skiing and gymnastics.
Drangedal Station () is a railway station located in Prestestranda in Drangedal, Norway on Sørlandet Line. The station is served by express trains to Kristiansand and Oslo.
On the local level he has been deputy mayor of Drangedal, and also employed as chief financial officer of Drangedal municipality.
Henneseid is a village in Drangedal municipality, Norway.
Gautefall is a village in Drangedal municipality, Norway.
Prestestranda is the administrative centre of Drangedal municipality, Norway. Its population is 1,223.
Tørdal is a district in Drangedal municipality, in the county Telemark, Norway.
On the local level Grave was a member of Drangedal municipal council from 1947 to 1957.
Alpine and cross-country skiing is possible in the area of Drangedal, at Telemark's largest ski resort.
Grenmar is a part of Telemark county of Norway. The region consists of the communities of Kragerø and Drangedal.
Kaasa's many clubs include Drangedal, Kjosen, Bøler, Skeid, Kongsvinger, Lyn, Rosenborg, Stabæk, Vålerenga, Follo and Manglerud Star.
Drangedal is a municipality in Telemark county, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Grenland. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Prestestranda. The municipality of Drangedal was established on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). The district of Tørdal encompassed the northwestern part of the municipality.
The administrative centre in Drangedal, Prestestranda, and is situated by lake Tokevann. The municipal government is located there along with primary and secondary schools, shopping facilities, and a bank. Drangedal railway station is also located in Prestestranda and is served by the Oslo to Kristiansand "Sørlandsbannen" railway line.
As of May 2015, brucks can mostly be found in the far north and along the west coast. In addition, two operators in Telemark operate brucks; Drangedal Bilruter operate one bruck between Tørdal and Drangedal Station, while Telemark Bilruter operate three bruck lines with a total of five bruck. The three lines are Åmot-Haukeli, Fyresdal-Vrådal-Seljord and Vrådal-Arendal.
Neslandsvatn Station () is a railway station located in Neslandsvatn in Drangedal, Norway on the Sørlandet Line. The station is served by express trains to Kristiansand and Oslo.
Bostrak is a village in the Tørdal district of Drangedal municipality, Norway. It is located near the western shore of Bjorvatnet lake.
Bø is a village in the Tørdal district of Drangedal municipality, Norway. It is located in the northern end of Bjorvatnet lake.
The main bus lines in the county are operated by Telemark Bilruter, serving western and middle parts of the county, and Nettbuss which serves the middle, eastern and southern parts of the county. Drangedal Bilruter serves the Vestmar region.
Neslandsvatn is a small village in Drangedal with a population of 1262. It is also a station on the Sørlandet Line. It is a popular skiing and snowboarding area.
Since the beginning, regulation has been the subject of repeated complaints from the landowners along Toke, including Drangedal municipality. They think that the rights are wrongly interpreted, and that the banks around Toke are washed out illegally each year.