Synonyms for drawback or Related words with drawback

disadvantage              shortcoming              problem              advantage              drawbacks              disadvantages              concern              shortcomings              possibility              difficulties              difficulty              problems              dilemma              inconvenience              issue              complication              challenges              disadvantageous              inefficiency              unfortunately              inconveniences              peculiarity              deficiencies              shortfalls              inadequacies              downsides              inefficiencies              hurdle              concerns              impediment              failings              issues              fear              conundrum              idea              aim              misconception              approach              proven              downfalls              weaknesses              problematic              fact              demerit              surprising              tendency              inherently              inadequacy              arisen              danger             

Examples of "drawback"
Duty Drawback is the rebate of duty chargeable on imported material or excisable material used in the manufacturing of goods in and is exported. The exporter may claim drawback or refund of excise and customs duties being paid by his suppliers. The final exporter can claim the drawback on material used for the manufacture of export products. In case of re-import of goods the drawback can be claimed.
One drawback is human readability (e.g. on an oscilloscope).
All words and music on "Drawback" were written by André Schmechta, under the name Sevren Ni-arb. All songs were performed by André and Thorsten Schmechta, under the names Sevren Ni-arb and Raive Yarx, respectively. Female vocals on "W.I.T.I.A.K.", "Drawback", and "Clip the Lines" performed by Stephanie Schmechta (as Estefania). "Drawback" was recorded and mixed at T.G.I.F. studios in Germany.
On February 24, 2016, the President signed Public Law 114-125, which enacted the new duty drawback law HR 644 “The Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015”. This provided massive change to US duty drawback rules.
And in reply to the question Are the people of Goa its biggest drawback or its biggest strength? he quotes ""They can be the biggest drawback or the biggest strength but it is solely depends on the people of Goa.""
One drawback of the electric roasting appliances is their small capacity: for fluid-bed, and somewhat more for drum roaster. They are also expensive. Another drawback is that most models emit smoke.
Michael David Smith of explained the major drawback of QBR:
However, lack of high-capacity access to port facilities would be a drawback in exporting coal.
He pointed out that perfection had one drawback, the dryness of the limit.
Scanline techniques working on the raster have the drawback that overload is not handled gracefully.
The main drawback of both these models was negligence of concept of fracture energy.
The drawback of the Clerici solution is its high toxicity and corrosiveness.
The main drawback is that the waxed fabric is not very breathable.
The main drawback noted by users was that the game could become repetitive after some time.
Compared to cargo hoses, the loading arm's main drawback is its comparative lack of flexibility.
The other drawback is the reliance on cut-constructibility to compute the loop
the main drawback of OF was the lack of robustness to noise and high computational
The major drawback to LC-MS is that the equipment is very expensive.
A drawback is the installation cost, which can be slightly higher than traditional HVAC systems.
One serious drawback of projection pursuit methods is their high demand on computer time.