Synonyms for dropworts or Related words with dropworts

dropwort              hydropotes              chironectes              chimarrogale              chevrotain              hyemoschus              fluvicola              spinoletta              ochthornis              pistia              trumans              caltrop              physignathus              arvicola              starwort              bubalus              copperbelly              stratiotes              nengeta              neomys              bubalis              esthwaite              callitriche              rhyacornis              heldale              starworts              argyroneta              trapa              milfoil              pimpinelloides              badgworthy              breydon              treadin              hamford              cocincinus              eichhornia              rakali              luronium              nerodia              aquatica              scordium              rheomys              brooklime              pennywort              hymenops              cicuta              squamipes              leuraensis              striders              litigiosa             

Examples of "dropworts"
The Japanese parsley ("Oenanthe javanica") is one of the few non-toxic species of the "Oenanthe" (water dropworts) genus, which are otherwise extremely toxic. As this species is not found outside of Asia unless specifically cultivated, one should "always" consider wild-growing varieties of water dropworts to be lethal, even in small amounts.
The water dropworts, Oenanthe , are a genus of plants in the family Apiaceae. Most of the species grow in damp ground, in marshes or in water.
This species was first described by Linnaeus in his Systema naturae in 1758 as "Motacilla oenanthe". The generic name, "Oenanthe", is also the name of a plant genus, the water dropworts, and is derived from the Greek "ainos" "wine" and "anthos" "flower", from the wine-like scent of the flowers. In the case of the wheatear, it refers to these birds' return to Greece in the spring just as the grapevines blossom.
A number of plant species which are otherwise scarce or absent in the Bristol region are found in high concentrations on the North Somerset Levels, including Water Horsetail ("Equisetum fluviatile"), Rigid ("Ceratophyllum demersum") and Soft ("C. submersum") hornworts, Thread-leaved ("Ranunculus trichophyllus"), Common ("R. aquatilis") and Fan-leaved ("R. circinatus") water-crowfoots, Lesser Water-parsnip ("Berula erecta"), Tubular ("Oenanthe fistulosa") and Fine-leaved ("O. aquatica") water-dropworts, Tufted Forget-me-not ("Myosotis laxa ssp. caespitosa"), Skullcap and Fen Bedstraw. Water-violet ("Hottonia palustris") is found here, mainly in the Nailsea & Tickenham areas, but also in scattered locations further south; this species is found nowhere else in the Bristol region. The introduced water fern "Azolla filiculoides" is widespread throughout.