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Examples of "drumadonnell"
In 1983 the seat was radically cut down as part of an expansion of Northern Ireland's constituencies from 12 to 17. Significant parts of the constituency were transferred to either Upper Bann or Newry and Armagh. The composition of the seat in 1983 was the entire district of Down, the Annaclone, Ballyoolymore, Croob, Dromore, Drumadonnell, Garran, Quilly and Skeagh electoral wards of Banbridge, and the Annalong, Ballycrossan, Binnian, Clonallan, Cranfield, Donaghmore, Drumgath, Kilkeel, Lisnacree, Rathfriland, Rostrevor, Seaview, and Spelga wards from Newry and Mourne.
Darragh Island, Dead Mans Island, Deehommed, Demesne, Demesne of Down, Derry, Derryboy, Derrycraw, Derrydrummock, Derrydrummult, Derrylough, Derryneill, Derryoge, Dillin, Dodd's Island, Donaghcloney, Donaghaguy, Dooey, Dooghary, Dooglen, Dree, Drennan, Drin, Dromara, Dromore, Dromorebrague, Drumaconnell East, Drumadoney, Drumadonnell, Drumahoe, Drumaghadone, Drumaghlis, Drumaknockan, Drumalig, Drumanaghan or Drumulcaw, Drumanakelly, Drumanaquoile, Drumaness, Drumantine, Drumaran, Drumardan, Drumardan Quarter, Drumaroad, Drumatihugh, Drumawhy, Drumbane, Drumbeg, Drumbo, Drumbonniff, Drumbroneth, Drumcaw, Drumcro, Drumcro and Drumo, Drumdreenagh, Drumee, Drumena, Drumfad, Drumgath, Drumgavlin, Drumgiven, Drumgooland, Drumgreenagh, Drumhirk, Drumhorc, Drumindoney, Drumkeeragh, Drumlee, Drumlin, Drumlough, Hillsborough, Drumlough, Rathfriland, Drummanlane, Drummanmore, Drummiller (Aghaderg), Drummiller (Donaghmore), Drummiller (Dromore), Drummiller (Tullylish), Drummond Island, Drumnabreeze, Drumnaconagher, Drumnaferry, Drumnagally, Drumnahare, Drumnascamph, Drumnavaddy, Drumneth, Drumo and Drumcro, Drumra, Drumreagh, Drumreagh Upper, Drumsallagh, Drumsesk, Drumskee, Drumsnade, Drumulcaw or Drumanaghan, Duck Rock, Dunbeg Lower, Dundrine, Dundrinne, Dundrum, Duneight, Dunevly, Dunlady, Dunmore, Dunnaman, Dunnanelly, Dunnanew, Dunnaval, Dunnyneill Islands, Dunover, Dunsfort, Dunsy Island, Dunturk