Synonyms for drumaran or Related words with drumaran

doogary              drumfad              keenaghan              glashare              carrowrevagh              curraghglass              cahermore              cloghfin              derrylaur              cullenwaine              lisboy              clohaskin              colmanstown              drumcrow              ballycahalan              drummiller              tullynacross              derrynaseer              killaloo              derrylahan              kinnegoe              crovehy              ballyorgan              knockavilly              drumanure              knockgorm              balteagh              ballyworfy              ballybannan              kilmacar              drumod              ardbane              ballywillin              ballytrasna              ballyhay              bracklagh              ballymacbrennan              culliagh              kilclone              drumaroad              edergole              castletaylor              drumgooland              ballydown              doonis              ballydonnell              castleboy              lurganbane              ballynagarrick              drumcro             

Examples of "drumaran"
Derrybeg, Derryclawan, Derryhillagh, Derrynanny, Derryveone, Derryvullan, Doonan, Dring, Drogan, Dromore, Drumadravy, Drumaran, Drumarky, Drumbo, Drumbulcan, Drumcaw, Drumcrin, Drumcrooil, Drumduff, Drumhirk, Drumhoney, Druminshin Beg, Druminshin More, Druminshinardagh, Drummal, Drummee, Drummonaghan, Drumpeen, Drumsara, Drumshane, Drumskool, Drumsluice, Drumskea, Duross
Gilford is a village in County Down, Northern Ireland. The village sits on the River Bann between the towns of Banbridge, Tandragee and Portadown. It covers the townlands of Loughans, Ballymacanallen and Drumaran. It had a population of 1,573 people in the 2001 Census. Gilford is within the Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon
White was born at Drumaran in County Fermanagh, in the north of Ireland, about 1756, and not as stated in the Dictionary of Australian Biography and the Australian Dictionary of Biography) in Sussex, England. On 18 June 1778 John White qualified as a surgeon's mate, first rate, following examination at the Company of Surgeons in London. He entered the Royal Navy on 26 June 1778 as surgeon's mate aboard . He was promoted surgeon in 1780, serving aboard until 1786 when Sir Andrew Hamond recommended him as principal naval surgeon for the voyage of the First Fleet to Australia.
Darragh Island, Dead Mans Island, Deehommed, Demesne, Demesne of Down, Derry, Derryboy, Derrycraw, Derrydrummock, Derrydrummult, Derrylough, Derryneill, Derryoge, Dillin, Dodd's Island, Donaghcloney, Donaghaguy, Dooey, Dooghary, Dooglen, Dree, Drennan, Drin, Dromara, Dromore, Dromorebrague, Drumaconnell East, Drumadoney, Drumadonnell, Drumahoe, Drumaghadone, Drumaghlis, Drumaknockan, Drumalig, Drumanaghan or Drumulcaw, Drumanakelly, Drumanaquoile, Drumaness, Drumantine, Drumaran, Drumardan, Drumardan Quarter, Drumaroad, Drumatihugh, Drumawhy, Drumbane, Drumbeg, Drumbo, Drumbonniff, Drumbroneth, Drumcaw, Drumcro, Drumcro and Drumo, Drumdreenagh, Drumee, Drumena, Drumfad, Drumgath, Drumgavlin, Drumgiven, Drumgooland, Drumgreenagh, Drumhirk, Drumhorc, Drumindoney, Drumkeeragh, Drumlee, Drumlin, Drumlough, Hillsborough, Drumlough, Rathfriland, Drummanlane, Drummanmore, Drummiller (Aghaderg), Drummiller (Donaghmore), Drummiller (Dromore), Drummiller (Tullylish), Drummond Island, Drumnabreeze, Drumnaconagher, Drumnaferry, Drumnagally, Drumnahare, Drumnascamph, Drumnavaddy, Drumneth, Drumo and Drumcro, Drumra, Drumreagh, Drumreagh Upper, Drumsallagh, Drumsesk, Drumskee, Drumsnade, Drumulcaw or Drumanaghan, Duck Rock, Dunbeg Lower, Dundrine, Dundrinne, Dundrum, Duneight, Dunevly, Dunlady, Dunmore, Dunnaman, Dunnanelly, Dunnanew, Dunnaval, Dunnyneill Islands, Dunover, Dunsfort, Dunsy Island, Dunturk
Dairies Big, Davy's Island or Inishmore, Deal Island, Deerahan and Cleenishgarve Islands, Deerpark, Deer Park, Demesne, Dernabacky, Dernacapplekeagh, Dernaglug and Drumaa, Dernagore, Dernashesk, Dernish Island, Derreens East, Derreens West, Derrin, Derrintony, Derry, Derryad, Derryargon, Derry Beg, Derry More, Derryaghna, Derryany, Derryard, Derryart, Derryasna, Derrybeg, Derrybeg East, Derrybeg West, Derrybrack, Derrybrick, Derrybrusk, Derrycallaghan, Derrycanon, Derrychaan, Derrychara, Derrychoran, Derrychree, Derrychulla, Derrychulloo, Derrychurra, Derryclawan, Derryclegna, Derrycorban, Derrycorby, Derrycormick, Derrycree, Derrycrum, Derrycullion, Derrydoon, Derryelvin, Derrygannon, Derrygelly, Derrygennedy, Derrygiff, Derrygoas, Derrygonnelly, Derrygore, Derrygurdry, Derryharney, Derryhawlagh, Derryheanlisk, Derryheely, Derryhenny, Derryhevlin Glebe, Derryhillagh, Derryhoney, Derryhooly, Derryhowlaght East, Derryhowlaght West, Derryhurdin, Derryinch, Derrykeeghan, Derrykeny, Derrykerrib, Derrylaney, Derrylea, Derryleague, Derryleck, Derrylester, Derrylin, Derryloman, Derryloo, Derrylougher, Derrymacausey, Derrymacrow, Derrymakeen, Derrymeen, Derrynacloy, Derrynacrannog, Derrynacross, Derrynafaugher, Derrynameeo, Derrynanny, Derrynashesk, Derrynavogy, Derrynawilt East, Derrynawilt West, Derryneese, Derryneeve, Derrynim, Derrynure, Derryraghan, Derryree, Derryrona Glebe, Derryscobe, Derryshandra, Derrysteaton, Derryvahon, Derryvary Beg, Derryveone, Derryvogue, Derryvolan, Derryvore, Derryvrane, Derryvree, Derryvullan, Devenish (Island), Dinnydoon, Diviny, Doagh Glebe, Dog Big, Donagh, Donegall, Doocharn, Doocharn Island, Doochrock, Dooederny, Doogary, Doohat, Doohatty Glebe, Dooletter, Doon, Doon and Eshcleagh, Doonan, Dooneen, Dooraa North, Dooross, Dornogagh, Dragh, Dreenan, Dressoge, Dresternan, Dring, Drogan, Droles, Dromore, Dromore Big, Drumaa, Drumaa and Dernaglug, Drumacrittin, Drumad, Drumadagarve, Drumadillar, Drumadown, Drumadraghy, Drumadravy, Drumady, Drumageever, Drumane, Drumanure, Drumany, Drumany Beg, Drumany More, Drumaran, Drumaraw, Drumard, Drumarky, Drumary, Drumarraght, Drumataffan, Drumaveel, Drumawill, Drumawillin, Drumbad, Drumbad Beg, Drumbadmeen, Drumbad More, Drumbadreevagh, Drumbaghlin, Drumbane, Drumbaran, Drumbargy, Drumbarna, Drumbarry, Drumbealimy, Drumbeggan, Drumbegger, Drumberny, Drumbinnis, Drumbinnisk, Drumbo, Drumboarty, Drumbockany, Drumboghanagh Glebe, Drumbominy, Drumboory, Drumboy, Drumbrick, Drumbristan, Drumbrughas, Drumbrughas East, Drumbrughas North, Drumbrughas South, Drumbrughas West, Drumbulcan, Drumbullog, Drumcahy, Drumcanon, Drumcard, Drumcaw, Drumchorick, Drumcin, Drumclay, Drumcloona, Drumclounish, Drumcolgny, Drumcon, Drumconlan East, Drumconlan West, Drumconnis, Drumconor, Drumcoo, Drumcoo or Belview, Drumcor, Drumcorban, Drumcose, Drumcramph, Drumcreen, Drumcrin, Drumcroohen, Drumcrooil, Drumcrow, Drumcrow East, Drumcrow West, Drumcru, Drumcullion, Drumcully, Drumcunny, Drumcurren, Drumderg, Drumdoney, Drumdran, Drumduff, Drumee, Drumeeshil, Drumelly, Drumerheeve, Drumerwinter, Drumettagh, Drumgague, Drumgallan, Drumgamph, Drumgarrow, Drumgay, Drumgivery, Drumgoast, Drumgoland, Drumgole, Drumgoon, Drumgormley, Drumgormly, Drumgorran, Drumgowna, Drumgowna East, Drumgowna West, Drumgramph, Drumgrenaghan, Drumguiff, Drumguillagh, Drumhack, Drumharriff, Drumhaw, Drumhervin, Drumhirk, Drumhirk Lower, Drumhirk Upper, Drumhoney, Drumhose, Drumhoy, Drumierna, Druminiskill, Druminshin Beg, Druminshinardagh, Druminillar, Drumkeen, Drumkeenagh, Drumkeenragh, Drumkeeran, Drumkillen, Drumlaghy, Drumleagues Big, Drumleagues Little, Drumliff, Drumlisaleen, Drumlish, Drumlone, Drumlongfield, Drumlught, Drummacabranagher, Drummacahan, Drummack, Drummackan, Drummackilowney, Drummacalara, Drummacoorin, Drummal, Drumman, Drummannagapple, Drummans Glebe, Drummaw, Drummee, Drummeer, Drummenagh Beg, Drummoan or Newtate, Drummoghan, Drummonaghan, Drummoney, Drummoyagh, Drummuck, Drummully, Drummurl Glebe, Drummurry, Drummusky, Drumnacross, Drumnagalliagh, Drumnagreshial, Drumnamalragh, Drumnameel, Drumnanane, Drumnarullagh, Drumnasreane, Drumnavahan, Drumoghill, Drumoris, Drumpeen, Drumquilla, Drumrainbane, Drumrainduff, Drumrainy, Drumralla, Drumreane, Drumrearty, Drumreask, Drumroo, Drumroosk, Drumrush, Drumsara, Drumsastry, Drumsawna Beg, Drumscollop, Drumshancorick, Drumshane, Drumshimuck, Drumsillagh, Drumskea, Drumskew, Drumskimly, Drumskinny, Drumskool, Drumsloe, Drumsluice, Drumsna, Drumsroohil, Drumsoo, Drumsroohil, Drumswords, Drumwhinny, Drumyarkin, Duck Island, Dulrush, Dungoghy, Duross