Synonyms for drumfad or Related words with drumfad

drummiller              cullenwaine              drumcaw              glashare              corstown              ballyloughan              cloonlogher              nicholastown              ballynakilly              cloonmore              skeagh              ballyhay              ardquin              bracklagh              lisboy              carnteel              ballyphilip              gallstown              drumgath              drumee              castlequarter              lisnamuck              ballyhenry              kilraghts              lurganbane              piercetown              keenaghan              drumcanon              liscleary              cloghfin              cahermore              gortnaglogh              drumcashel              killaan              drumgooland              drumaran              killower              colmanstown              ardbane              ballooly              derrylahan              kilwaughter              ballylinny              drumlee              ballintogher              mullaghboy              curristown              carrowreagh              ballytrasna              killyman             

Examples of "drumfad"
The second half of the 19th century witnessed a developing infrastructure of schools and other public buildings in the area. By c. 1858, schools had been established in a number of locations including Ballymichael, Doaghbeg, Ballyhiernan, Cashel Glebe, Tullyconnell, Croaghross, Leatbeg, Ballina, Muineagh, Drumfad and Glenvar. There was also a coastguard stations, police barracks and a dispensary and session house at Tamney.
Lands in Fanad were granted principally to servitors (Crown servants including veterans of the Nine Years War). Settlers noted in the 1654 Civil Survey include Richard Perkins at BelliclanmcCallen (sic), William and David Lyne at Bunintyne (Bunnaton?), John Rowly at Ballymastocker, Craveross (Croaghross?) and Magherawarden, Thomas Stewart at Carlan, Knockbrack and Drumfad, William Patton at Croghan, Colin and Patrick Campbell at Moross and Luke Ashe at Ballyhork. Some lands at Tullynadall were granted to the Provost and Fellows of Trinity College, Dublin.
Darragh Island, Dead Mans Island, Deehommed, Demesne, Demesne of Down, Derry, Derryboy, Derrycraw, Derrydrummock, Derrydrummult, Derrylough, Derryneill, Derryoge, Dillin, Dodd's Island, Donaghcloney, Donaghaguy, Dooey, Dooghary, Dooglen, Dree, Drennan, Drin, Dromara, Dromore, Dromorebrague, Drumaconnell East, Drumadoney, Drumadonnell, Drumahoe, Drumaghadone, Drumaghlis, Drumaknockan, Drumalig, Drumanaghan or Drumulcaw, Drumanakelly, Drumanaquoile, Drumaness, Drumantine, Drumaran, Drumardan, Drumardan Quarter, Drumaroad, Drumatihugh, Drumawhy, Drumbane, Drumbeg, Drumbo, Drumbonniff, Drumbroneth, Drumcaw, Drumcro, Drumcro and Drumo, Drumdreenagh, Drumee, Drumena, Drumfad, Drumgath, Drumgavlin, Drumgiven, Drumgooland, Drumgreenagh, Drumhirk, Drumhorc, Drumindoney, Drumkeeragh, Drumlee, Drumlin, Drumlough, Hillsborough, Drumlough, Rathfriland, Drummanlane, Drummanmore, Drummiller (Aghaderg), Drummiller (Donaghmore), Drummiller (Dromore), Drummiller (Tullylish), Drummond Island, Drumnabreeze, Drumnaconagher, Drumnaferry, Drumnagally, Drumnahare, Drumnascamph, Drumnavaddy, Drumneth, Drumo and Drumcro, Drumra, Drumreagh, Drumreagh Upper, Drumsallagh, Drumsesk, Drumskee, Drumsnade, Drumulcaw or Drumanaghan, Duck Rock, Dunbeg Lower, Dundrine, Dundrinne, Dundrum, Duneight, Dunevly, Dunlady, Dunmore, Dunnaman, Dunnanelly, Dunnanew, Dunnaval, Dunnyneill Islands, Dunover, Dunsfort, Dunsy Island, Dunturk