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Examples of "drumgoon"
Both Drumgoon and Drumalee are relegated to the 2016 I.F.C.
They adopted the title of Drumgoon Éire Óg in 1984. In 2000 Drumgoon lost the Cavan Junior Football Championship to Cornafean but a year later in 2001 Drumgoon won their first Championship winning the Cavan Junior Football Championship, beating Kildallon 1–10 to 0–07. They went on to win the Ulster Junior Club Football Championship beating Doohmalet of Monaghan and then the All-Ireland Junior Club Football Championship beating Belmullet of Mayo 1–14 to 0–12.
Traditionally Drumgoon have always worn a blue jersey, shorts and socks with a yellow trim.
Drumgoon are a Gaelic football club from County Cavan in Ireland. They are affiliated to Cavan GAA.
Originated as Bough Shamrocks in 1904, Drumgoon evolved as the parish team, then as the rural parish team, taking the name of Drumgoon in the 1920s. They contested their first Cavan Senior Football Championship Final in 1927, and were defeated by Cavan Slashers.
Drumgoon and Drumalee returned to the grade after being relegated from the previous years S.F.C. They had spent 4 and 5 years in the top flight respectively.
From Maudabawn, Drumgoon in County Cavan, he is the first Cavan president in the 130-year history of the GAA. He is the seventh man from Ulster to have acquired the role.
Maguiresbridge is home to both a soccer and Gaelic football club. Saint Mary's GFC is a Gaelic football club with its grounds on the Drumgoon Road, whilst the soccer club plays its games in Lisnaskea.
Thomas John Curry (born 17 January 1943, Drumgoon, County Cavan, Ireland) is an Irish-born American bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, who serves as an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. From 1994 to 2013, he was the episcopal vicar of the Santa Barbara Pastoral Region, before he resigned from all public duties.
Tullygarvey () is one of eight Baronies in the County of Cavan. The area has been in constant occupation since pre-4000 BC. The Barony of Tullygarvey consists of the parishes of Kill and Drung and parts of Annagh, Drumgoon and Laragh.
Born in County Monaghan and educated at the Royal School Dungannon and Trinity College, Dublin, he was later Headmaster of his old school. Ordained in 1826 he was the Rector of Drumgoon and Archdeacon of Ardagh before elevation to the Episcopate as the 6th Bishop of the United Diocese of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh. In 1859, Darley both built and financed the running of a school at Cootehill, Co. Cavan. Today, this school is known as the Darley National School.
Representing the Drumgoon club she first ran for chair of Cavan camogie unsuccessfully against Anna McEntee in 1931. She served originally as treasurer and then as vice-chair of Cavan county board during which time she was responsible for the first Cavan team to enter the championship against Down in Downpatrick in 1935 and brought affiliations to a record 14 teams in 1938. She was chair of the Cavan Camogie Board in 1940-8 and of Ulster Council. She was also a prominent referee.
He has worked his way from his native Drumgoon Éire Óg club of the GAA to the top position and has served at all levels with club, county, province and national levels. Extremely popular with the grass-roots of the association he is a passionate supporter of the GAA`s Gaelic and volunteer ethos with a firm commitment to community values. Fluent in both English and Irish he is one the GAA`s great orators and widely admired for his sincerity and plain touch. Like most Ulster GAA officials he is a strong Nationalist with a reputation for respect for differing traditions. He is also noted for his appeal for fairness towards the club players with regard to fixture making in the association. He is a polished media performer with notable debating skills yet seldom seen as confrontational. He is however known to be stubbornly supportive of the GAA rulebook and is not known as a compromiser.
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