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Examples of "drymos"
Drymos (Δρυμός) may refer to several places in Greece:
Drymos (, ) is a village and a community of the Elassona municipality. Before the 2011 local government reform it was part of the municipality of Elassona, of which it was a municipal district. The 2011 census recorded 586 inhabitants in the village. The community of Drymos covers an area of 20.259 km.
Drymos () is a village and a community of the Oraiokastro municipality. Before the 2011 local government reform it was part of the municipality of Mygdonia, of which it was a municipal district. The 2011 census recorded 3,659 inhabitants in the village. The community of Drymos covers an area of 42.011 km.
Mygdonia’s badminton team continues admitting kids "from every age category"- "Primary & Secondary School". Furthermore, it holds a "special adult section", which can be joined by everyone, who desires to be acquainted with Badminton, exercise physically or entertain himself. The weekly trainings take place at the Municipal Sports Hall “Asterios P. Netsikas” (DAK Drymos, Drymos Thessaloniki)
According to the 2011 census, the population of Drymos was 586 people, a decrease of almost 14% compared to that of the previous census of 2001.
The National Senior High school Championship was first organized in 2014 and Marina Karypidou from Drymos Thessaloniki won the gold medal.
The generic name, "Drymarchon", roughly translates to “lord of the forest”. It is composed of the Greek words "drymos" (Δρυμός), meaning "forest", and "archon" (ἄρχων), meaning "lord" or "ruler".
Drymos, Aetolia-Acarnania is a settlement located roughly between the cities of Amfilochia and Vonitsa. Recent archaeological excavations have uncovered an early Christian basilica on the outer perimeter of the settlement.
Agrafiotika, Aliki, Amfithea, Amygdalia, Apidochori, Archondiko, Asia, Chaldini, Chandakas, Chloi, Daskaleio, Delitio, Drepano, Drymos, Dymi, Fere Kalyva, Gavria, Iana, Katsika, Kissos, Kitrinopetra, Kliso, Ktima, Mavropetra, Megali Kavissos, Melopetra, Mikraki, Nea Vrysi, Nefeli, Ourania, Palaistra, Patara, Pessani, Polyvlasto, Potamos, Profitis Ilias, Pyrolithos, Samaras, Sanidochori, Sarpidonia, Spano, Tarsio, Theiafi, Treis Myloi, Triada, Tsaliki, Vafeio, Vergi, Vyrini, Xirodendro, Yalia.
Mygdonia () is a suburb and a former municipality in the Thessaloniki regional unit, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Oraiokastro, of which it is a municipal unit. Population 10,491 (2011). The municipal unit of Mygdonia includes three communities, Drymos (Δρυμός), Liti (Λητή) and Melissochori (Μελισσοχώρι). The seat of the municipality was in Liti. The municipal unit has an area of 98.506 km.
Drymos and the whole region hadn’t had any badminton sport club till February 2000. Then, the first coach of the team Evangelia Tetradi, managed to staff the first sections of the academy with children especially from Primary and High School after several displays of the sport at the schools in the Mygdonia region. Characteristically, one hundred kids had been gathered during the debut training of the team.
"Drymoreomys" was first recorded in 1992 by Meika Mustrangi in the state of São Paulo. The animal was not, however, formally described until 2011, when Alexandre Percequillo and colleagues named it as a new genus and species within the tribe Oryzomyini: "Drymoreomys albimaculatus". The generic name, "Drymoreomys", combines the Greek "δρυμός" ("drymos"), meaning "forest", "ὄρειος" ("oreios"), meaning "mountain-dwelling", and "μῦς" ("mys"), meaning "mouse". The name refers to the animal's occurrence in mountain forest. The specific name, "albimaculatus", derives from the Latin "albus", meaning "white", and "maculatus", meaning "spotted", a reference to the spots of white in the animal's fur. Percequillo and colleagues found little geographic variation among samples of "Drymoreomys", although a few traits differ in frequency between populations from the states of São Paulo and Santa Catarina.
The Club has already reached an advanced level. Similar awards were achieved by Maria Marou, Fotini Stavrousi, Eleutheria Giannopoulou and Nikoleta Diamela in the following years, while the male players Christos Polyzos, Stefanos Galanis, Ioannis Galanis and Alexandros Varelas succeeded to enter the quarter-finals of Greek Atomic Championship. In total, from 2005 till today, the previous athletes will carry along at Drymos over thirty five national championship medals, some of them golden. Many of them had been requested by the national badminton team of Greece and also they’d participated in international contests such as Marina Karypidou and Magdalini Tsioumleki who won the bronze medal at the Balkan Championship, and also, the participation of Marina Karypidou in the European U17 Team Championships 2011 in Portugal.