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monistic              pantheistic              pantheism              deistic              theistic              panentheism              occasionalism              nominalist              rationalistic              physicalist              epicureanism              pandeism              nominalism              dualistic              monism              deism              apophatic              subjectivism              theist              trinitarianism              emergentism              aristotelianism              anekantavada              empiricist              atomism              materialist              hegelian              literalist              spinozism              docetic              aristotelian              dualism              panpsychism              nondualism              neoplatonism              neoplatonic              theism              thomistic              panentheistic              positivist              pantheist              personalism              heideggerian              relativist              parmenides              fallibilism              heterodox              gnosticism              scientism              hermeneutic             

Examples of "dualist"
Early history of Shaivism is difficult to determine. However, the "Upanishad" (400 – 200 BCE) is considered to be the earliest textual exposition of a systematic philosophy of Shaivism. Shaivism is represented by various philosophical schools, including non-dualist ("abheda"), dualist ("bheda"), and non-dualist-with-dualist ("") perspectives. Vidyaranya in his works mentions three major schools of Shaiva thought— Pashupata Shaivism, Shaiva Siddhanta and Pratyabhijña (Kashmir Shaivism).
Critics of the "old animism" have accused it of preserving "colonialist and dualist worldviews and rhetoric".
Fluxus 2013 adorned EDM night with DJ Dualist Enquiry and bollywood singer Sona Mohapatra.
Additionally, Huneric murdered many members of the Hasdingi dynasty and also persecuted Manichaeans, a dualist heresy.
In 2012 David Virgin released a book titled "Potato Mashi: The Underground Non-Dualist Sensation".
This episode features the fusion band Advaita and Electronica artist Dualist Inquiry. This episode was shot in Shimla.
Perry's scheme outlines a student’s nine-position progression from dualist thinking to relativist thinking and then to commitment.
Dualist Dvaita Vedanta and other bhakti schools have a dualist interpretation. Brahman is seen as a supreme being with a personality and manifest qualities. The ātman depends upon Brahman for its existence; the meaning of life is achieving Moksha through love of God and upon His grace.
The band released their second album, "Dualist", in April 15, 2011. The 11-track "Dualist" features a more personal and mature approach on TbC’s signature dance rock sound, which encompasses all the highs and lows the band has gone through over the past three years.
Both a monist state and a dualist state can comply with international law. All one can say is that a monist state is less at risk of violating international rules, because its judges can apply international law directly. Negligence or unwillingness to implement international law in national law can only pose a problem in dualist states.
In dualist systems, international law must be translated into national law, and existing national law that contradicts international law must be "translated away". It must be modified or eliminated in order to conform to international law. However, the need for translation in dualist system causes a problem with regard to national laws voted after the act of translation.
Weitzmann later extended his theories to scales, noting how a descending minor scale starting from the fifth degree is an inversion of an ascending major scale. Because his theories relate major and minor, it is called a "dualist" explanation. Later dualist theorists include Arthur von Oettingen and the early work of Hugo Riemann.
Popper and John Eccles speculated on the problem of free will for many years, generally agreeing on an interactionist dualist theory of mind. However, although Popper was a body-mind dualist, he did not think that the mind is a substance separate from the body: he thought that mental or psychological properties or aspects of people are distinct from physical ones.
Mark, a moderate dualist, who then presided over the Cathars of Lombardy, belonged to the "ordo" of Bulgaria, which Nicetas impugned. Mark received "consolamentum" afresh from Nicetas, an absolute dualist who belonged to the "ordo" of Drugunthia or Dragovitia (in the southeastern Balkans), having received his "consolamentum" from bishop Simon of Dragovitia.
Dualist is the second studio album by the Filipino indie rock band Taken by Cars, released in 2011 by Party Bear Records.
Marcionism was an Early Christian dualist belief system that originated in the teachings of Marcion of Sinope at Rome around the year 144.
The term overlaps in significant ways, especially in its anti-dualist intention, with the philosophical term mindbody developed independently by philosopher William H. Poteat.
1989 Sara Grant (Society of the Sacred Heart), published as "Towards an alternative theology: Confessions of a non-dualist Christian" (Asian Trading Company, 1991)
Dualist was more favorably received by both critics and fans compared to their first album Endings of A New Kind, which received moderate to positive reviews.
Some sources connect Gavril Radomir with the medieval dualist sect, Bogomilism, a popular heretic movement that flourished in the region of Macedonia during his and his father's reign.