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Examples of "dually"
induced subgraphs of a dually chordal graph are not necessarily dually chordal (hereditarily dually chordal graphs are exactly the strongly chordal graphs),
Extranatural transformations can be used to define wedges and thereby ends (dually co-wedges and co-ends), by setting formula_13 (dually formula_14) constant.
Dually chordal graphs can be recognized in linear time, and a maximum neighborhood ordering of a dually chordal graph can be found in linear time.
efficient edge domination on dually chordal graphs.
This is sometimes written as ""A" is dually Dedekind-infinite".
These are graphs which are chordal and dually chordal.
Dually, one can define creation and reflection of colimits.
"A"' = {"m" ∈ "M" | ∀ "g" ∈ "A", "gIm"}, and dually
Dually chordal graphs appeared first under the name HT-graphs.
Dually, we have the following homology spectral sequence:
Injective. Injective modules are defined dually to projective modules.
While some basic problems such as maximum independent set, maximum clique, coloring and clique cover remain NP-complete for dually chordal graphs, some variants of the minimum dominating set problem and Steiner tree are efficiently solvable on dually chordal graphs (but Independent Domination remains NP-complete). See for the use of dually chordal graph
Dually, right Kan extensions can be computed by the formula
When the fibration is the mapping fibre, or dually, the cofibration is the mapping cone, then the resulting exact (or dually, coexact) sequence is given by the Puppe sequence.
A pickup with four rear wheels instead of two is called a "dually". A dually is able to carry much more weight over the rear axle and is often used for carrying heavy loads, campers or supporting 5th wheel trailers.
(There is a local 'Big House' known as "Dually" and the settlement is marked as Dually on roadmaps. However all local signage refers to the place as Dualla; as do the Local Council and residents - see thumbnail).
Dually, classical propositional logic can be defined using only conjunction and negation.
Dually, the tangent plane at the point with given parameters is formula_8 where
The NAND (dually NOR) operation lacks all these, thus forming a basis by itself.
Dually, two coplanar lines, neither of which contains the origin, have common point