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Examples of "ducarme"
Jean-Louis Ducarme is a French sound engineer. He was nominated for an Academy Award in the category Best Sound for the film "Sorcerer".
Daniel Ducarme (8 March 1954, Liège – 28 August 2010) was a Belgian politician and former Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region.
In 2006, Ducarme proposed to return to politics, wishing to stand in Schaarbeek on the MR list in the October 2006 elections, but was ultimately prevented from doing so. In apparent compensation he was appointed by Reynders to represent the MR as a roving ambassador abroad. Ducarme died of cancer on 28 August 2010.
The PRL merged with its centre-right partners to create the Reformist Movement (MR) in 2002, which Ducarme led as president.
He quit as parliamentary group leader to become Federal Minister for Pensions, when the Michel Government was formed on 11 October 2014. He was replaced as group leader by Denis Ducarme.
Ducarme resigned in 2004 following allegations of improprieties by the newspaper "L'Avenir" concerning his tax affairs. He was succeeded as Minister-President by Jacques Simonet and as president of the MR by Didier Reynders.
Starting his political career in the Liberal Reformist Party (PRL), Ducarme served as mayor of Thuin in Wallonia from 1988 to 2000, becoming party president in 1999. In 2000 he moved to Schaarbeek in the Brussels-Capital Region and stood for election to the Schaerbeeck council.
The son of a librarian in the Conseil d'État, a teacher of English in the high school of Bourges, he abandoned this business, became a journalist at the "Journal du Cher", then a lithographer and printer, patented in Paris February 14, 1829 in succession to Pierre-François Ducarme. In 1829 he founded with the lithographer printer Sylvestre Nicolas Durier the illustrated periodical "".
He was the federally appointed Reformist Movement—Citizens' Movement for Change representative of the Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde district from 26 June 2003 to 12 February 2004, replacing Daniel Ducarme, who became Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region and minister of Arts, Letters and Audio-visual of the French Community of Belgium. From 19 February 2004 to 28 June 2004 he served as a replacement for Jacques Simonet, who replaced Ducarme in the Minister-President post following a scandal. Since 1 July 2004 he has served as a replacement for Martine Payfa, who was elected to the Belgian Federal Parliament from the Brussels-Capital Region. He was elected as a member of the Belgian Senate in 2007.
Dominique Paillé, a former spokesman for the Union for a Popular Movement, sought to be the candidate for that party. When he was not chosen, he stated that he would "definitely" be a candidate all the same, standing against Andréani if she did not desist. He eventually became the candidate of the centre-right Radical Party and the centrist Republican, Ecologist and Social Alliance. A resident of Brussels, he was a lawyer in Paris. His deputy ("suppléante") was Anne Monseu Ducarme.
The sound design crew included of Jean Louis Ducarme, with whom Friedkin had worked on "The Exorcist" and of whom he thought very highly. He was joined by Robert Knudson, who also was a sound effects supervisor for Friedkin's previous movie as well as Robert Glass and Richard Tyler. The sound crew employed distorted samples of tiger and cougar roars for the truck engines' sound. C.J. Schexnayder noted that such a technical exercise was "relatively unique for the period"; but, over the years, techniques such as these became a staple of film-making. The sound design eventually garnered the movie's sole Academy Award nomination, which it lost to "Star Wars".
Simonet served as mayor of Anderlecht from 2000 until his death and as Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region from 15 July 1999 to 18 October 2000. He served as state secretary for European Affairs of Belgium from 12 July 2003 until 12 February 2004 when he became Minister-President of Brussels for the second time on the resignation of Daniel Ducarme following revelations of Ducarme's unpaid taxes in the newspaper "L'Avenir". He led the MR list in the elections of June 2004, losing to the Socialists led by former Minister-President Charles Picqué and gave up the minister-presidency a month later.