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His partner is songwriter/artist Annette Ducharme.
Moira Leiper Ducharme was the first female mayor of Halifax, Nova Scotia (1991–1994). Ducharme currently lives in Windsor Forks, Nova Scotia.
A new seven classroom school built in 1964 was named Ducharme School in honour of Father Jean-Baptiste Ducharme O.M.I.. Father Ducharme, who was fluent in French, English, and Denesuline, had served the La Loche Mission from 1916 to 1951. He taught basic school courses including Dene syllabics and catechism in the rectory until the first school was built. This Ducharme School had grades one to eight with up to 180 students in daily attendance.
Ducharme married comedian Bernadette Pauley in 2005.
Winnipeg Blue Bombers Wayne Ducharme TB Bowling Green
Benoit DuCharme is Dr. Melikian’s Pasteur colleague and love interest.
Ducharme, a Franco-Ontarian, was born in Windsor, Ontario.
André Ducharme (23 July 1961) is a Québécois author, comedian and humorist. He was part of the Rock et Belles Oreilles group (RBO) from 1981 to 1995. He was credited as André G. Ducharme in RBO; "G. Ducharme" has the same sound in French as "J'ai du charme," which means "I have charm" or "I am charming."
Ducharme is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
In 1938, Father Ducharme had a chapel built in the community.
The Dave O'Hara Public Library at Ducharme School offers internet access.
Mountain Park by Jay Ducharme, Arcadia Publishers, 2008, ISBN 0-7385-5732-3
Ducharme did not run for re-election in the 1966 election.
2008 : Les métiers de l’industrie de la musique, vol.2 – André Ducharme ("Muzikbiz Workshops")
Ducharme and his wife, Rose, currently live in Bonnyville and have two adult children.
He was named François Ducharme at birth, the son of Jean-Marie Ducharme. In 1793 Ducharme was the first white European to settle in the Fox Valley. He paid two barrels of rum to two Indians for land on both sides of the Fox River near the Kaukauna rapids, this gave him control of the portage around and of the lower Fox. The Ducharme deed was Wisconsin's first recorded deed. He built a house on the land and settled there. He began trading with the Menomini and Chippewa Indians. At the time, 1,500 Indians lived in the village of Kaukauna.
Raymond Ducharme Morand, PC (January 30, 1887 – February 2, 1952) was a Canadian politician.
"École Ducharme" offers preschool to grade 12 and is the only Francophone school in Moose Jaw.
Ducharme died on 21 March 2013 from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was 75.
The 6'9 Ducharme would transfer to Longwood from the University of Virginia for his final year of eligibility in 2000. Ducharme averaged 19.6 points and 15.8 rebounds per game in his one year in Farmville. He led Longwood to a CVAC championship and a NCAA tournament appearance while being named the Division II National Player of the Year by multiple outlets. Ducharme remains only one of two retired numbers in Longwood history, with the other being Jerome Kersey.