Synonyms for ductia or Related words with ductia

harawi              arbeau              erotokritos              syri              casazola              hrotsvitha              polyhymnia              sophonisbe              habacuc              aspicia              kavina              proverbiorum              teneat              juditha              baladine              idreno              thoinot              anetta              gaffurius              antigona              danielis              lanyer              encomia              melusina              prudenza              marcellina              polinice              toinette              orontea              malvine              jephte              klytaemnestra              tryphiodorus              carmino              frederici              procopia              zeitblom              nobilissima              kassia              himerii              heroidum              pervigilium              procula              elmire              gregoriani              kadmos              alcman              oroveso              hervaeus              contratenor             

Examples of "ductia"
According to Grocheio, the fiddle was the supreme instrument of the period, and the stantipes, together with the cantus coronatus and ductia, were the principal forms played on fiddles before the wealthy in their celebration .
Very little evidence survives about medieval dance except what can be gleaned from paintings and works of literature from this time period. Some names of the dances which we know existed during the Middle Ages include Carole, Ductia, Estampie (Istampitta), Saltarello, and the Trotto. The farandole is also frequently presented as a medieval dance, based on surviving iconography.
Some of their concert programs include: the beginnings of European polyphony, the first preserved medieval ductia dances from the Reading Abbey, 13th Century French court dances - estampies, 12th and 13th century, songs from Carmina Burana, Cantigas de Santa Maria, the music of troubadours, trouveres and minnesang, Italian Trecento, the ballata of Francesco Landini, Jacopo da Bologna and others, in addition to the istampittas preserved in the manuscript kept under the number MS 29987 in the British Library.
In 1991 some performers from Emilia-Romagna founded Modena City Ramblers, which blends the "Combat Rock" musical style (The Clash) with folk, traditional Irish music, political songs ("Contessa") and partisans' songs ("Fischia il vento" and "Bella Ciao"). Later M.C.R. used a world music sound, and blended in rock, punk, tape loops and samples, creating a new genre called "Celtic patchanka". Many groups were influenced by M.C.R.: Casa del Vento, Fiamma Fumana led by Alberto Cottica (electronic folk); Caravane de Ville of Giovanni Rubbiani; Ductia of Massimo Giuntini; Paulem and La strana famiglia led by Luciano Gaetani; and Cisco (former singer of M.C.R.) now a guitarist and drummer.