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Examples of "duflos"
Claude Duflos (1665–1727) was a French engraver.
Christian Duflos, is the Mayor of Fressin, Pas-de-Calais, France. He was elected in 2008.
She attended the Conservatoire national supérieur d'art dramatique in Paris, where she was a pupil of Raphaël Duflos.
Adolph Ferdinand Duflos (2 February 1802, Artenay – 9 October 1889, Annaberg) was a French-born, German pharmacist and chemist.
Yasmina is a 1927 French silent film directed by André Hugon and starring Camille Bert, Huguette Duflos and Léon Mathot.
Huguette Duflos (24 August 1887, Limoges – 12 April 1982, Paris) was a French stage and film actress.
Palaces is a 1927 French silent film directed by Jean Durand and starring Léon Bary, Huguette Duflos and Christiane Favier.
The Flower of the Indies (French:La fleur des Indes) is a 1921 French silent film directed by Théo Bergerat and starring Huguette Duflos, André Baugé and Geo Leclercq.
In Old Alsace (French:L'ami Fritz) is a 1920 French silent film directed by René Hervil and starring Léon Mathot, Huguette Duflos and Thérèse Kolb.
The Princess and the Clown (French:La princesse aux clowns) is a 1924 French silent film directed by André Hugon and starring Huguette Duflos, Charles de Rochefort and Magda Roche.
Duflos was born and died in Paris. It is not known by whom he was instructed, but his style resembles that of François de Poilly. He left a great number of plates, executed principally with the burin, and very neatly finished. The following are the most notable:
Koenigsmark is a 1923 French silent drama film directed by Léonce Perret and starring Maurice Lehmann, Huguette Duflos and Jaque Catelain. It is an adaptation of the 1918 novel "Koenigsmark" by Pierre Benoit. It was the first of several screen adaptations of the work. It is also known by the alternative title of The Secret Spring.
The original collection is focused on a selection of works by Morscio and some Italian and French painters of his time: Eloi Noël Bouvard, Mario Ameglio, Eugenio Bonivento, Cyrano Castelfranchi, Georges Chappuis, Gaston Cirmeuse, Yves Diey, Robert Duflos, Charley Garry, Maurice Martin, Maurice Louis Monnot, Fernando Pelosini, Alberto Rossi, André Salomon Le Tropezien.
After returning to France, he directed the successful "Koenigsmark" in 1923. His film "Madame Sans-Gêne" (1925), starring Gloria Swanson, was the first joint Franco-American film production. In addition, Léonce Perret collaborated with many of the French and American idols of his generation such as Abel Gance, Gloria Swanson, Gaby Morlay, René Cresté, Arletty, Suzanne Grandais, Mae Murray, and Huguette Duflos.
Beginning in the 1960s, expatriate Frenchman Jean Duflos (who married locally and changed his name to Jean Radofilao) did a huge amount of exploration of the cave systems and subterranean rivers of the Massif, much of it on his own or with visiting speleologists. A total of about of cave passages within the massif have been mapped.
The Mysteries of Paris (French: Les mystères de Paris) is a 1922 French silent serial film drama directed by Charles Burguet and starring Huguette Duflos, Georges Lannes and Andrée Lionel. It is based on the novel "The Mysteries of Paris" by Eugène Sue. The serial ran in twelve installments.
On September 15, 1789, Jean-François de La Pérouse drops anchor in Monterey Bay and then, marking the first official French presence in California. The explorer collected precious geographic and scientific goods from the region, boasting its " enormous resources " and strategic position. The French naturalist and botanist, Eugène Duflos de Mofras, was sent to the Pacific coast during the 1840s and published his book in which he depicts a vast region with a population of merely 4,000 people.
Fernand Ledoux (born Jacques Joseph Félix Fernand Ledoux, 24 January 1897, Tirlemont – 21 September 1994, Villerville) was a French film and theatre actor of Belgian origin. He studied with Raphaël Duflos at the CNSAD, and began his career with small roles at the Comédie-Française. He appeared in close to eighty films, with his best remembered role being the stationmaster Roubaud in Jean Renoir's "La Bête humaine" (1938), but he remained primarily a theatrical actor for the duration of his career.
Around the same time he started considering doing a film adaptation of the Pierre Benoit novel "Koenigsmark". The completed film starring Huguette Duflos was released to French theatres in March 1924. "Koenigsmark" was tremendously successful with moviegoers and is still considered today to be one of the landmark films of the 1920s. Moreover, in 2002, the film was restored by the French Film Library under the direction of Claudine Kaufmann.
He was the author of numerous papers dealing with subjects in the fields of pharmaceutical and analytical chemistry. His chemical-apothecary book, ""Chemisches Apothekerbuch : Theorie und Praxis der in pharmaceutischen Laboratorien vorkommenden pharmaceutisch-,technisch- und analytisch-chemischen Arbeiten"" (6th edition 1880) was for many years considered to be the best and most practical work in the German language in regards to pharmaceutical chemistry and for use in pharmacy laboratories. Other noteworthy written efforts by Duflos include: