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Examples of "dunsky"
Evan Dunsky is an American television writer, producer and director.
c.1600 "in Ninian Adair's time and his sons" a browney "hanted" his house of Dunsky.
Yuli Teodorovich Dunsky (, 22 July 1922 in Moscow, Russia – 23 March 1982) was a Soviet screenwriter.
Evan Dunsky wrote and directed the 1997 feature film "The Alarmist" based on the play "Life During Wartime" by Keith Reddin. A writer/producer for "" since 2006, Dunsky co-created and wrote the original pilot episode of the Showtime series "Nurse Jackie" with Linda Wallem and Liz Brixius in 2008. Starring Edie Falco of "The Sopranos", the half-hour drama about a "flawed" emergency room nurse in a New York City hospital premiered on Showtime in June 2009 and has recently finished its sixth season. Falco won the Emmy for her role on the show, and Dunsky was a recipient of the 2010 Humanitas Prize.
The Gadfly () is a 1980 Soviet drama film directed by Nikolai Mashchenko based on the novel The Gadfly by Ethel Lilian Voynich. Its screenplay was written by Yuli Dunsky and Valeri Frid.
In James T. Farrell's 1983 novel "Sam Holman", there are thinly-veiled fictional portraits of many prominent New York intellectuals; the character of Frances Dunsky is based on Slesinger.
In 2008 Brixius, Linda Wallem, and Evan Dunsky, created the series "Nurse Jackie", a half-hour drama about a "flawed" emergency room nurse in a New York City hospital. Starring Edie Falco of "The Sopranos", the series premiered on Showtime in June 2009, with Wallem and Brixius serving as showrunners for the series and sharing executive producer duties with Caryn Mandabach.
The Alarmist, also known as Life During Wartime, is a 1997 film written and directed by Evan Dunsky, starring David Arquette, Stanley Tucci, with Kate Capshaw and Ryan Reynolds. The film is an adaptation of a play written by Keith Reddin.
About AD 1489 Dunskey / Dunsky Tower House [ otherwise Castle ] was partially burnt by Sir Alexander (Sandy) M'Culloch of Myrtoun Clan McCulloch. – 3 March 1499, pardon for McCulloch, along with respites for burning the Place of Dunskay granted to Duncane Makke, litil Gilbert Makke, Johne Clerk Makee & Andro Akersane.
Voodoo Dawn is a 1991 American horror film directed by Steven Fierberg and starring Tony Todd, Raymond St. Jacques, Theresa Merritt and Gina Gershon. It was written by Jeffrey Delman, Evan Dunsky, Thomas Rendon and John A. Russo, and produced by Steven D. Mackler.
"Fish in a Drawer" is the seventeenth episode of the fifth season of "Two and a Half Men" and the 113th episode overall. The episode was written by Evan Dunsky, Sarah Goldfinger, Carol Mendelsohn and Naren Shankar, the writers of "", who swapped shows with the writing staff of "Two and a Half Men".
Two Comrades Were Serving (, translit. "Sluzhili dva tovarishcha") is a 1968 Soviet war film directed by Yevgeni Karelov with a script by Yuli Dunsky and Valeri Frid. The film is about the Russian civil war, in particular, the battle for the Crimean peninsula.
"Nurse Jackie", an American medical comedy-drama series created by Evan Dunsky, Liz Brixius, and Linda Wallem, premiered on Showtime on June 8, 2009. The series stars Edie Falco as title character Jackie Peyton, a nurse addicted to painkillers while working in the emergency ward at All Saints' Hospital in New York City. The series concluded on June 28, 2015, after 80 episodes over seven seasons.
In 2007, Wallem and Liz Brixius created and produced a pilot called "Insatiable" for Showtime which was not picked up. In 2008, the duo (with writer Evan Dunsky) created the series "Nurse Jackie", a half-hour drama about a "flawed" emergency room nurse in a New York City hospital. Starring Edie Falco of "The Sopranos", the series premiered on Showtime in June 2009, with Wallem and Brixius serving as showrunners for the series and sharing executive producer duties with Caryn Mandabach.
"Nurse Jackie" was created by Liz Brixius, Linda Wallem, and Evan Dunsky. Brixius and Wallem served as showrunners for the first four seasons and shared executive producer duties with Caryn Mandabach and John Melfi. Showtime ordered an initial 12 episodes. Before the premiere, Brixius told the New York "Daily News" that "Guys' stories tend to be about conquests – getting the job, winning the Olympics, whatever. Women['s] stories aren't as immediately climactic so they need to play out over the course of three months ... And every medical show out there has been about doctors. Doctors are absolutely unable to do what they have to do without nurses. We want to tell those stories."
Another version of Adair / Odeir / Edzear of Dunskey Castle in Portry / Portrie / Port-N-Rye, is : c. AD1326 "Index A. From old vol. XXII Fol. 25 verso – Ane Littill small skine quahirin ar conteinet certane complaintis of deforcementis and of haldingis of landis quhilkis ar decydit be the parliament. Carta Thomas Odeir de terris de Kildonan Dromin Porthie" [ Portrie = Dunsky & Kinhilt ]. c.1600 Kildonan Castle appeared to be a large castle just east of Dunskey Castle, shown on Timothy Pont's map in Blaeu's Atlas.
In early 2008, the term "Washington Consensus" was used in a different sense as a metric for analyzing American mainstream media coverage of U.S. foreign policy generally and Middle East policy specifically. Marda Dunsky writes, "Time and again, with exceedingly rare exceptions, the media repeat without question, and fail to challenge the "Washington consensus"—the official mind-set of US governments on Middle East peacemaking over time." According to syndicated columnist William Pfaff, Beltway centrism in American mainstream media coverage of foreign affairs is the rule rather than the exception: "Coverage of international affairs in the US is almost entirely Washington-driven. That is, the questions asked about foreign affairs are Washington's questions, framed in terms of domestic politics and established policy positions. This invites uninformative answers and discourages unwanted or unpleasant views." Like the economic discussion above the foreign policy usage of the term has less to do with what is included than with what is missing.
"The biggest challenge for us was doing a comedy with a murder in it. Generally, our stories are a little lighter," stated Lorre in an interview. "Would our audience go with a dead body in it? There was a moment where it could have gone either way. I think the results were spectacular. It turned out to be a really funny episode." The "Two and a Half Men" episode "Fish in a Drawer" was the first part of the crossover to air, on May 5, 2008, written by "CSI" writers Sarah Goldfinger, Evan Dunsky, Carol Mendelsohn, and Naren Shankar. George Eads is the only "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" cast member to make a cameo in this episode.