Synonyms for duped or Related words with duped

blackmailed              deceived              tricked              conned              goaded              coerced              misled              tricking              shamed              deceives              bribed              railroaded              seduced              brainwashed              fooled              blackmailing              lured              blackmails              coaxed              cajoled              lulled              swindled              intimidated              deluded              intimidates              scammed              dupe              hypnotized              coerces              indoctrinated              dragooned              goads              prodded              transmogrified              suckered              brainwashes              badgered              tempted              wooed              hounded              bluffed              deceiving              bullied              goading              browbeaten              insinuated              hypnotised              shoehorned              guilted              reintegrated             

Examples of "duped"
system and explains that the Drakh had secretly duped and
Clinical neurologist Sebastian Dieguez has commented that Myers "was seriously duped by many people".
Two extra titles also exist: 'Duped Deputy' and 'Creek Mud Monster'.
The quasi-Jansenists served as protectors of the "duped Jansenists" and the "fins Jansénistes".
The first set of doctors who investigated Moore were easily duped. According to skeptical writer Bergen Evans:
Rana and his family say he is a pacifist and has been duped, cheated and framed by Headley.
The Duped Journalist (Hungarian:A becsapott újságíró) is a 1914 Hungarian silent film directed by Alexander Korda and Gyula Zilahi.
"But we must not be duped by this editorial buncombe about Liberalism going forth to Holy War against Tyranny.
Oprah posted a disclaimer on her website, and in February 2009 she said that she was "disappointed", but she denied having been duped by Rosenblat and that she was "minding my own business." Gayle King, a friend of Oprah's, pointed out that a lot of other people had also been duped and that she was being used as the whipping boy.
On the 7th of November 2003 in the MMORPG "RuneScape", an extremely rare item, the Pink Party hat (now the Purple Party hat) was duped well over 2 million times; the effects are still seen today in the game's economy. While Jagex, the game's owners, did everything they could to ban the duping users, the duped party hats are still circulating. Due to the fact that the discontinued items, party-hats, were no longer available, the purple party-hat being duped caused it to become the cheapest hat. While its price is still high for an item, it is considered "the noob's party-hat".
Author John Grant has suggested that Myers was a womanizer who was easily duped and "probably seduced" by Freer." According to Grant, Freer made false claims about herself:
First appearing in "New Mutants" #86, the original incarnation were pawns of Stryfe and either forced or duped into serving him for a variety of reasons.
He finally came to the attention of the police after he duped his last victim, on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, out of more than $60,000.
An undercover Navy officer (Macdonald Carey) rescues a duped widow (Märta Torén) and a scientist from the captain (Robert Douglas) of renegade U-boat.
Duped Till Doomsday () is a 1957 East German drama film directed by Kurt Jung-Alsen. It was entered into the 1957 Cannes Film Festival.
A rash go-getter is duped by would-be swindelers into buying swamp land which turns out to be worth a fortune.
It is estimated that van Meegeren duped buyers, including the government of the Netherlands, out of the equivalent of more than thirty million dollars in 1967's money.
Item dupes generally have the opposite effect, causing the price of the duped items to drop as the supply of that item increases.
Al-Jumeii filed a lawsuit against LBC, maintaining that his client was duped by the media corporation and was unaware in many cases he was being recorded.
Harris a sceptic of paranormal claims wrote the book "Sorry, You've Been Duped" (1986), later republished as "Investigating the Unexplained" by Prometheus Books in 2003.