Synonyms for duyckaerts or Related words with duyckaerts

delacourte              fievet              kedinger              guenet              cruaud              congy              ledent              beldjord              lassmann              fritschy              maurage              drobecq              ryffel              peschanski              moechars              staufenbiel              buee              robberecht              vandenabeele              dewerchin              huerre              millasseau              ghiso              baumert              confavreux              jaillon              zielasek              artiguenave              benichou              chamaillard              vassart              degott              escriou              porchet              thivolet              munaut              bougueleret              isenmann              leike              oostra              naveilhan              neurocytol              cromlish              lavielle              marescaux              bensadoun              loschmann              jouanguy              hadchouel              gijbels             

Examples of "duyckaerts"
At the Venice Biennale, Macel curated the French pavilion in 2013 (Anri Sala), and the Belgian pavilion in 2007 (Eric Duyckaerts). She is the director of the 2017 Biennale.
His paper "On the optimality of the observability inequalities for parabolic and hyperbolic systems with potentials", in collaboration with Thomas Duyckaerts and Xu Zhang, published in Ann. Inst. H. Poincaré Anal. Non Linéaire 25 (2008), no. 1, pp. 1–41, got the 2008 Award for the best paper on that Journal.