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athbhutha              cheppu              iruvattam              virunnukari              sookshikkuka              pambaram              puthri              snehamulla              chirikkudukka              theerpu              pattalam              sambhavam              kudumba              raavukal              bandhangal              nimishangal              kusruthi              veettile              poocha              thilakam              rajavu              varavu              ellarum              vivaham              sphodanam              kathreena              kandethiyilla              swargathil              aatmiyulu              thadavara              nirangal              thirivu              changathi              noottandu              manavatti              mayilpeelikkavu              puzhayozhukum              mallanum              njangalude              snehicha              aadyathe              manassu              pennu              nagaravadhu              paravaigal              nyayavidhi              swapnangal              makalum              anveshichu              ammaye             

Examples of "dweepu"
Dweepu is a 1977 Indian Malayalam film, directed Ramu Kariyat. The film stars Jose, Shobha, Kuttyedathi Vilasini and Alleppey Ashraf in lead roles. The film had musical score by MS Baburaj.
This is also a film noted for starring the shortest actor (Raghu) as the protagonist and in a full-length character. But the Guinness record for this entry has been awarded to Ajaykumar (Pakru) for his supporting role in the 2005 film Athbhutha Dweepu.
Jose was born in Kochi. He made his debut through "Dweepu" in 1977. His role in "Meen" and song "Ullasapoothirikal" alongside Ambika was well noted. He left movie industry late 1980s. He came back to the industry with a 2014 Malayalam movie named "Salalah Mobiles".
Albhutha Dweepu (Malayalam: അത്ഭുതദ്വീപ്) is a 2005 Malayalam-language Indian movie, directed by Vinayan. The movie created history by becoming the first Indian movie whose remake rights have been bought by Hollywood. Ajaykumar, Prithviraj and Mallika Kapoor appear in lead roles in the movie. The movie is about a mysterious island where all the men are dwarfs and all the women, normal.
Kamaraddin is the tallest known man alive in Kerala who stands at 7 foot 1 inch. Aged 45, he is a native of Guruvayoor, Kerala and is a senior member of the Kerala Tall Men Association. He has acted in films most notably as one of the cannibal giants in the Vinayan film Athbhutha Dweepu.
"Albhutha Dweepu" was released in 2005 and the remake rights were sold almost immediately to Hollywood director Ron Howard who was in India at that time. But later the project was cancelled. The film was dubbed in Tamil as "Arputha Theevu" with additional scenes reshot with Manivannan, Karunas and Vaiyapuri. Tamil version was released in 2007.
Arputha Theevu(Albudhadweep) is a Tamil dubbed periodical drama film directed by Vinayan.It was released on 14 April 2007 starring Prithviraj, Guinness Pakru and Mallika Kapoor amongst others. It is the Tamil dubbed version of Malayalam film Albudhadweep.The music was composed by M.Jayachandran.The original version Albhutha Dweepu was released in 2005 and the remake rights were sold almost immediately to Hollywood director Ron Howard who was in India at that time.The film stars 300 dwarfs, and all 300 are to enact the same role in Hollywood version of the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio.
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