Synonyms for dysmenorrheic or Related words with dysmenorrheic

mastodynia              metrorrhagia              perimenopause              polymenorrhea              hypoestrogenism              dysmenorrheal              perimenopausal              gynecomastia              postmenopause              menorrhagia              hypermenorrhea              oligomenorrhea              prostatism              mastalgia              andropause              adenomyosis              premenopausal              dysuria              hysterectomized              postandropausal              galactorrhoea              menstruations              leiomyomata              andropausal              oophorectomized              anovulatory              masculinization              gynaecomastia              hysteromyoma              hypothyroid              amenorrhoea              parous              prostatomegaly              dyspareunia              sialorrhea              hypomenorrhea              incontinency              climacteric              menopausal              menorrhagic              menstruating              aggravatedn              symptomsn              hysterectomised              leucorrhea              prepubertal              vaginismus              methodsosteoporosis              hypogonadal              atony             

Examples of "dysmenorrheic"
In one research study using MRI, visible features of the uterus were compared in dysmenorrheic and eumenorrheic (normal) participants. The study concluded that in dysmenorrheic patients, visible features on cycle days 1-3 correlated with the degree of pain, and differed significantly from the control group.