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Examples of "eben"
In the "30 Days of Night" film adaptation, the character's name was changed from Eben Olemaun to Eben Oleson. Eben was portrayed by American actor Josh Hartnett and in "" was portrayed by Canadian film and television actor Stephen Huszar.
The brothers reveal to Eben they won't be working on the farm anymore, so Eben goes to milk the cows while Peter and Simeon get drunk. Eben returns to the house after seeing his father and his new wife on the horizon. Peter and Simeon decide to leave the farm and sign the papers for Eben. They walk outside; taunt their father, Ephraim, and his new wife, Abbie; and then leave for California. Abbie begins to explore the house and runs into Eben. They are both attracted to each other but fight over the future possession of the farm. The scene closes with harsh words between Ephraim and Eben.
Eben Alexander was the father, grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather of four Eben Alexanders. He and his descendants use these generational suffixes:
Fort Eben-Emael is now open to the public. While still military property, it is administered by the Association Fort Eben-Emael, which provides tours and activities.
Eben Junction is to the south, in Rock River Township, and the Eben Junction ZIP code, 49825, serves a small area in the southern part of the township.
Außerthal, Eben, Frade, Gereit, Leite, Innerthal.
Wood Colony derives its name from one of the first settlers, Ebenezer "Eben" Wood, who purchased 1,760 acres from Timothy Paige in 1869. Eben Wood and his wife, Sarah A. (Wiley) Wood, moved to the property and lived in a small frame house there until 1894. Eben Wood died May 18, 1902 and was buried in Citizen's Cemetery (Modesto Cemetery) on Scenic Drive. Wood Creek near Sonora is also named for Eben Wood.
This scene opens at twilight in the kitchen of the farmhouse. As the three brothers eat dinner, Simeon and Peter reprimand Eben for speaking ill of their father. Eben then unloads his hate for his father because Eben blames him for his mother's death. He denounces his father saying he is his mother through and through. Eben also reveals his grudge against his half-brothers for not helping or protecting his mother. He then leaves to visit his local prostitute. As Eben leaves, his brothers remark on how like his father he is.
"Gary The Goat" by Dennis Versteeg and Eben McGarr
Eben meets Abbie in the parlor where Eben talks about his mother, beginning to cry. Abbie comforts him, saying that she could be a new mom to him and asking him to kiss her. Eventually Eben gives in and admits he loves her and has since the first hour he met her.
Buch bei Jenbach, Eben am Achensee, Stans, Wiesing.
His children included inventor and scientist Eben Norton Horsford.
Courtney Lawes (England) 19 Eben Eztebeth (South Africa)
They go to the meeting but instead of Isaac, another witch hunter named Ian (Richard Harmon) appears. Ian tells them that Isaac is dead, Eben killed him because he had turned against him. Ian also tells them that the witch ran away after Eben summoned the demons, since he was no longer needed Eben was going to kill him.
The four inter-war forts are in varying states of preservation, though all may be visited. Tancrémont is notably intact, with all equipment present. Eben-Emael and the others remain military property, but Eben-Emael is administered by the Association Fort Eben-Emael as a museum.
Petr Eben International Organ Competition (or The Competition for Young Organists) is held in Opava in the Czech republic since 1978. It is named in honour of the Czech organist and composer Petr Eben (19292007).
The episode ends with the Circle and Blackwell encounter with Eben and Nick. The encounter leads to Melissa being the one who kills Nick to save Jake, Blackwell getting the last crystal and Eben kidnapping Faye.
Johannes Karl Louis Richard Eben, from 1906 von Eben (Prussian Mark, 24 February 1855 – Bauditten, 30 June 1924) was a Prussian officer who served in World War I as General of Infantry.
Marek Eben (born 18 December 1957) is a Czech actor, singer, composer, writer and television host. He studied music and drama at the Prague Conservatory. His father, Petr Eben, was a composer.
Stella Olemaun is the wife of Eben Olemaun, the sheriff of the small town of Barrow, Alaska. When the vampires attack Barrow, Stella is among a small group of survivors led by Eben.