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Examples of "ebringen"
In 1584 Ebringen suffered an outbreak of the plague.
On 21 November 1621 the Abbey of St Gall bought back the undivided rule over Ebringen for 71,800 guilders from Hans Dietrich von Hohenlandenberg. The very next day the first St Gall officials arrived. Norsingen, 5 km (3 mi) southwest of Ebringen, had been under direct St Gall rule again since 1607. Ebringen again became the centre of the St Gall administration in the Breisgau. The abbey's possessions consisted of the direct rule over Ebringen and Norsingen and easements and properties in other locations in the Breisgau. Ebringen was next to St Gall, Wil, Rorschach and Neu St. Johann residence of a governor of the Princely Abbey.
In 1649 Prince-Abbot Pius of St Gall visited Ebringen.
Today's Ebringen territory was split before 1349 into the villages of Ebringen, Talhausen, Berghausen and the (Mount) Schoenberg with the Schneeberg, all with unclear borders. During the aristocratic rule those territories became united and the borders were defined.
In 1646, two years after the Bohl battle and one year after Kanoffsky's death, the St Gall administration returned to Ebringen. In the following years many of the refugees returned also to Ebringen.
In 1912, Ebringen and Talhausen were connected to the electricity grid.
1788/89 Prince-Abbot Beda Anghern sent four leading opponents - Ildefons von Arx, Gerald Brandenberg, Ambrosius Epp and Pankraz Vorster - to Ebringen. This act was formerly only a relocation, as Ebringen was the seat of a governor, but because of Ebringen's distance from St Gall it was in fact an exile. Gerald Brandenberg became governor. Pankraz Vorster bought back the Schoenberghof from the Zimmermann family and built a new dairy farm in the meadows above Ebringen. Ildefons von Arx became parish priest. In 1792 he wrote the first book on the history of Ebringen - a main source of this article.
In 1661 Prince-Abbot Gallus Alt, 1646/47 Governor of Ebringen, visited the village.
In 1720 Ebringen celebrated its millenium - while the celebration of 1300 years took place in 2016.
Since October 2016, for most households in Ebringen VDSL2, in Talhausen ADSL2 is provided.
In 1629 Ebringen was hit by the later so called Italian plague.
In the German mediatisation of 1803 the abbey St Gall lost Neuravensburg, so Ebringen and Norsingen were its last dominions. In Switzerland the canton of Saentis was dissolved in March 1803. Parts of it formed the new canton of St Gall. On 8 May 1805 the new canton dissolved the monastery of St Gall and confiscated its possessions. As Ebringen was situated in an Austrian controlled area, the canton wasn't able to do so in Ebringen. But in September 1805 Vorster left Ebringen when a French army threatened to invade the Breisgau. The canton of St Gall took control over Ebringen, when in the Peace of Pressburg of December 1805 Austria lost control over the Breisgau. It was decided that the whole region should become part of the new Grand Duchy of Baden. Baden took over the rule on 15 April 1806. But the territorial status of some dominions in the Breisgau was disputed. Although Baden saw itself as suzerain, it respected St Gall's possession of Ebringen, while most other mediate territories were dissolved. So from his new exile in Vienna Pankraz Vorster tried to negotiate with the canton of St Gall, not with Baden, about his future, claiming a lifelong dominion over Ebringen. But the canton ignored this and sold Ebringen and Norsingen to members of the Grand Duke's family - not to the Grand Duchy - for 140,000 guilders. The dominion was handed over in March 1807.
Ebringen (Breisgau) is a municipality in the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany.
In 1777, the Austrian government introduced compulsory schooling in Anterior Austria and its dependent territories, also in Ebringen.
On 1 January 1975 the municipality of Ebringen lost its independence. Together with Mengen, Ebringen became part of Schallstadt-Wolfenweiler. Ebringen was called officially now Schallstadt-Wolfenweiler 4. Pfaffenweiler should also be integrated, but remained independent. Therefore, Ebringen complained against the incorporation to Schallstadt-Wolfenweiler at the State Court of Baden-Wuerttemberg at the end of 1974. While Ebringen's former mayor, Eugen Schueler, was dismissed as the chairman of the now powerless local council, the mayor of Schallstadt-Wolfenweiler, Oskar Hanselmann, became only local administrator until the judgment of the court. On 6 February 1976 the case was decided. The incorporation was void from the beginning. Ebringen remained an own municipality. Mayor Eugen Schueler was reinstated.
In 1565 Ebringen's borders with Bollschweil and Soelden were also determined. So the Ebringen area mainly acquired its present shape.
The aristrocrats ruled in most of the time by a governor and lived normally out of Ebringen.
Since 1960 Talhausen gets its water supply from Ebringen, the main road was asphalted in the same year. But only the houses east of the Nussbach were also connected to the sewage system. In 1980, the houses west of the Nussbach were connected to sewage system - the last ones in Ebringen, which were not connected.
In 1640 Commander Kanoffsky took control over Ebringen, claiming it as personal property, ignoring all appeals of St Gall to return Ebringen to the abbey. Appeals of the Swiss Confederacy to the French court to reinstate St Gall rule remained fruitless until 1646.
In 1582 Austria adopted the Gregorian calendar like most other catholic territories in the Holy Roman Empire, so the new calendar was introduced in Ebringen. The Protestant territories still used the Julian calendar. So from then on the official date differed by ten days between Ebringen and its neighbouring village Wolfenweiler.